T-Shirt Thursday!

Behold, I give you genius or crazy (fine line, my friends, fine line) in the form of tees because T-shirt Thursday is the coolest day of all and every struggling freelance writer needs a break once in a while from furiously flushing words out of her ears.

Every time a cat cleans itself… (Threadless): I know, right?

We got him (Threadless): All those years evading eager eyes has taken its toll.

La Dolce Vita (Threadless): Skulls can be pretty, too.

Crayon Role Reveral No. 147 (Threadless): Just a tad bit disturbing, no?

Shufflin’ To Do List (SnorgTees): Incidentally, today’s Thursday. Let’s do this.

Skulltrooper (9 Fountains): George, is that you?

T-Shirt Saturday!

Because I miss T-Shirt Thursdays and I can’t wait for Thursday and I love doing filler posts/nonsense like this when I don’t have anything good to talk about. Woohoo. So sue me.

So Many Questions (Threadless)

Nobody Likes a Show-off (Threadless)

I Was Here (Threadless)

Eve 6 (BustedTees)

The Chat & Cut (BustedTees)

I want a new cool t-shirt. I just realized that since I’m going freelance now I can wear whatever I want to “work.” Woohoo. Soon, baby, soon.

T-Shirt Thursday!

Some t-shirts and random thoughts follow below.


Books Not Boys (TopatoCo).: I just thought this was cute. I miss books. I haven’t read anything in a while.

Video Game Hats (BustedTees).: I can’t name all the games these hats came from.

Where He At Now? (TopatoCo): I opened an MS office document just to check out the Help section.

The Walken Dead (Loops and Pluto): Do you watch The Walking Dead the TV series? I don’t. Zombies are icky. Who invented zombies, anyway?

Winter is Coming (BustedTees): Game of Thrones! Hurry, Season 2.

How Were You Born? (Threadless): I was born this way, hey. I was born this way, hey. I’m on the right track, baby. I was born this hey, way. Wait, that’s not right.


T-Shirt Thursday: my Threadless shirts arrived after all!

Apparently, my last order from Threadless did not get “lost in transit” after all. They actually made it to the local post office. Hurray! Of course, it took a while, but at least they arrived in good condition. I only found out the other day that they arrived when my sister and I decided to check our mailbox. There were two notices from the post office. One was dated September and the other one was a second notice. So they already had my package since last month. Note to self: check mailbox regularly.

Storytellers. This shirt is so cute. Books!

Mr. Tee. Nice, eh

Popculture. Cute.

My Other Ride is a Light Cycle.  Tried taking a photo in the dark to show its glow-in-the-dark design, but it was a failure. Haha.

I’m mighty glad these shirts made it, but next time I think I’ll use a different route. I heard JohnnyAir’s pretty nifty. Haven’t tried their services yet, but I’ve read good reviews. I don’t want to wait ages for my packages. Tsk.

Oh, hey! Shirts! Yayyyyyyy.