My First Ever Threadless Shirts Have Arrived!

My Threadless shirts have arrived! I ordered them on the 15th and they arrived last Friday! Woohoo!

Pretty packages against our pretty place mats!

One shirt for sister dear. This shirt’s called Music Snob.

And one shirt for me! I’m wearing The 13 Days of Christmas.

I wanted to get one for Carpet Head, but I didn’t like the available designs in their $5 collection for guys.  Yeahhh I only had enough monies in my Paypal to pay for two $5 shirts plus shipping, but I’ll definitely order again when I get the dough and the right design! Woohoo!

T-Shirt Friday!

Okay, so I do these t-shirt days anytime I feel like it. I don’t care! T-shirts are absolute love!

Laser Cow shirt from TopatoCo.: I dedicate this shirt to Eggy, the cowboy (koh-boy) who likes to milk cows. :P

Breakfast Sum shirt from TopatoCo.: My equation today would go:  Coffee + Chocolate sliced bread = Breakfast!

What’s your breakfast sum? :)

The Negotiator shirt from TopatoCo.: I agree. Why can’t Rock, Paper and Scissors all get along? LOL.

Have a good weekend!