Back to the daily grind

Alas my vaca time is over. Am feeling a bit wibbly wobbly. Hahaha.

(Okay, everyone go watch Stranger Than Fiction. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s arm tat is hypnotizing and of course Will Ferrel is still a riot especially when he puts on his “serious” face. And you’ll get the vaca time and wibbly wobbly part.)

Anyway, I had mucho fun during my break, which was filled with lunches and dinners and beers and videoke with family on my father’s side. So worth it. :)

Now all I need now is the beach.
Sun, sand, seawater, henna tattoos…
Save me.

tshirt webcomic groupie

I WANT THIS SHIRT designed by the guy behind questionable content, one of the webcomics i follow religiously. ain’t it cool? the comic is absolutely genius and the merchandise rocks. too bad, actually buying an original shirt can cost about 30 dollars (shirt price + shipping). what the? oh well. i also want a shirt with the t-rex from dinosaur comics on it. and i want another emily the strange shirt too. i was able to find an emily shirt in a surplus shop last christmas. i’m positive the shirt’s a knock-off but it’s a pretty good one. i luuurve it. i’ve discovered that every great webcomic or whatever web character (like emily the strange) has its own little indie clothing line. ain’t that cool? t-shirts are cool!

speaking of webcomics, i’m currently reading one called demonology 101. it’s about a demon girl and the fight between good and evil. very interesting actually. i found it through the links portion of for the wicked, another interesting comic. i have a lot of respect for the artists behind these comics. i know it takes a lot of effort and creativity to do what they do. gah! i have become a webcomic groupie. i luuurve it. webcomics are cool!

i hate work. i wish i can just shop for t-shirts and read webcomics all day. that would be very boring, though.

What’s up yer sleeve, 2005?

Apparently it is the year of the rooster. I was born in the year of the rooster. I don’t know how it could possibly matter what creature’s year it is, but, hey, if it means it’s THE year of the cock-a-doodle-doo, what the heck, then let it be that. Maybe this year will be better than the last. Now, don’t we all say that every year?

And with a new year are new to-do/to-be lists, eh? Random random list:

1. Eat right. Eat healthy. Or just eat.

2. Exercise, for cryin out loud.

3. Erase erase erase Mr. Issues man.

4. Call/text home more.

5. Call/text old friends more.

6. See old friends more.

7. Save money. Coz money makes the world go round. Otherwise you starve.

8. Be kinder, be nicer, be more patient.

9. Give more, love more.

10. Be thankful more.

11. Write more.

12. Cultivate your passion.

13. Find out what your passion really is.

14. Go to the beach more.

15. Save money for the beach.

16. Save money for trips home.

17. Love work more.

18. Find work that you’ll love more?

19. Think of more things for your list.