Relax, sit back, and read a webcomic!

Aside from hopping around book blogs and awesome websites, reading about the latest innovations and cool stuff about everything, looking at pictures of cute kitties and doggies, scouring the interwebs for awesome graphic tees, and stalking my friends on Facebook, I also love reading comics online!

I’ve already posted about some of my favorites yearssss ago, but I thought I should post about them again because, really, you can’t go wrong with spreading some web comic love.

If you’ve never read a web comic before, here are great places to start.

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T-Shirt Thursday Special: Katie Campbell’s MADE Collection

What’s the best Twitter DM you’ve ever received? This one’s mine.

I mean, holy crap, right? Winning an entire MADE Collection by Katie Campbell? Pretty awesome. I’ve been craving some new tees and this was just a great gift from the universe. ;)

I got this direct message about a couple of months ago and the tees are finally here! I gave some to Carpet Head (requested a few select designs in his size) and some to sister dear, who also happens to wear the same size tee as me, so YAY! As they say, sharing is loving. Haha.

You can check out all of the designs here. Below are some of my favorites from the bunch. Which one’s your favorite? :)

Pushing Daisies

I’m Out of Your Leagues

Hang In There

Real Unicorns Wear Pink

We Are Here

Fess Up Friday: I’m stressing about wedding preps in my head

What is my dream wedding? I honestly can’t remember what I pictured in my head about my wedding when I was a young girl. I mean, most girls had that fantasy, right? I know I had some sort of “dream wedding” scenario in my head, but I can’t seem to remember the details.

Why am I asking? Because I’m starting to stress about wedding preps in my head. Just in my head. I have a million thoughts in my head all the time. They’re mostly about the wedding colors, the mood, the theme. I always thought the THEME encompassed everything. Apparently, you have to determine the MOOD, too. I was like, uh, we’re having a garden wedding. What’s the theme? What’s the mood? Uh, garden wedding? Eep. Anyway, the caterer who also happens to do event styling kinda cleared that up for us, so now we have to create a mood board of some sort. I have tons of pictures from the net, but they’re all just stuff that I find nice and pretty. I don’t seek out anything specific or look for burlap table runner wedding stuff like those in the vintage or country themed weddings I’ve seen on the net. I need to put together something that would show our personalities!

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A letter from May 27th 2012

So just got an email from myself from May of last year via I completely forgot about writing this letter and it just made me smile right now. Here is what the Me in May 2012 had to say to the Me today.

Well, well. I sent this around the time when I was just starting out with the whole freelance thing. I love that I was so positive and eager! Looking at the five points mentioned in my letter, I assess my current score to be about 2.5 out of those five. I don’t feel so bad about that though.

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Not So Typical Weekend at the Beach (a.k.a. The Weekend I Got Engaged)

So last weekend, I was at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world–Boracay. Played some kickass ultimate, hung out with awesome friends, and, you know, GOT ENGAGED to my Carpet Head. Woot. ;)

First, a quick backstory. Carpet Head and I met sometime in 2008 because of ultimate. One of my teammates invited him to play and he became part of the team (he became team captain later on, by the way). In 2009, my team joined the annual Boracay Open for the first time. Apparently, I looked fabulous in my bikini because I caught his eye. Hah. We started going out after that and eventually became a couple.

The Proposal happened during one of our games in this year’s Boracay Open. Carpet Head conspired with most of our teammates plus some of the guys from the other team. They switched the game disc for a “special” one. Carpet Head made a scoring pass to me. One of our teammates told me to flip the disc over. Guess what was written at the back? Next thing I knew, Carpet Head was on his knee and we were surrounded by friends and spectators. Of course, I had to say yes!

Yayyyyyyyyy!! That is all. :)

A New Year Means A New List!

Happy new year, friends! How was your new year celebration? Fun and injury-free, I hope? Did you party too hard or too little? ;P

I don’t know if you guys believe in new year’s resolutions. I like to think of them more as plans and to-do lists, and Day 1 of 365 days of new beginnings is as good a time as any to kick off a new list!

Ho hoh! I am resurrecting THE LISTS I don’t even know why I stopped doing this. Anyway, it’s a brand new year and I have TONS to do. I really am praying that this year I will have more discipline to stick to my plans. I need to get my freelance career going! No more sitting around doing unproductive things! My rent and travel plans depend on it! Haaah.

And so let’s go to my 2013 list, version 1 (mwahahaha)..

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Planners are wasted on me. Therefore, I want one. (With bonus rambling at the end of this post. YAY.)

Lookit these lovely paper things c/o Fullybooked!

Fullybooked had this cool post on their blog about five different types of planners for different people and it made me want a planner. Now, I have never kept a planner. Or rather, I have never used one for its purpose. I’ve made several attempts to maintain one back in college and when I was still working for the feeerm. In college, instead of filling out the dated pages of planner things, I ended up writing down my schedule or notes at the back of class handouts which I stuffed in my binder. When I was at my old job, planners that I received as tokens or gifts gathered dust in my filing cabinet. I was content to use the calendar on my phone or the firm-issued notebook for noting down meetings.

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It’s my last year on the calendar, so they say.

Good Friday marked my 31st year on this earth. Yep, I just turned 31 last week. That means I am even more fabulous and I will soon rule the world! < insert evil laugh>

Okay, that’s it. Yeah, I don’t mind telling everyone I’m 31. It actually feels like a badge of honor because it means I’m old enough to laugh at the people in their twenties. Hah just kidding (half-kidding?). Anyway, I thank the Lord I have a good life. It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty good one. I have a loving family, an awesome man, awesome friends, awesome online friends, and awesome other-people. I’m doing something I love, working towards my dream, and learning every day. Everything’s just so cool. I am so thankful to Him, to everyone, and to YOU!

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Fess Up Friday: The Power of Words of Encouragement + Shoutout to My Girls

Today’s post was inspired by this post from the Life Changing Moments Series over at My Name Is Not Bob. The post is about how one writer needed a few words of encouragement to fully pursue her writing.

Some of us are pretty strong-willed and confident and don’t need any encouragement to go for what we want.  Some of us are shy and unsure and need a little push. I fess up. I think I’m somewhere in between. I’m not exactly headstrong, but I can pretty much do a lot of things on my own when I put my mind to it. I can also be a bit uncertain sometimes so during those times I do crave for a few positive words first before I can muster up the courage to do something.

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Of personal challenges and book blog tours (happenin’ next week!)

When I was still a youngling in the consulting world, my manager would ask me if I thought I was comfortable enough to do a small part of the presentation or to facilitate the ice breaker exercise. It was my manager’s way of teaching me and easing me into the ways of the consulting business.  Most of the time our target audiences were the managers or senior personnel of our clients. I would always say yes even though I was terrified of the thought and would rather not do any presenting or facilitating ever and at all. I’m an introvert and speaking in front of an audience is not my cup of tea, but I would always say yes to it because I saw it as a chance for me to just get it over with. It was a way of challenging myself and I didn’t want to be called a scaredy cat.

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And my luck in blog giveaways continues!

Whatzis?!  I won another blog giveaway! This time from The Fashionista Commuter. My prize? A super cool bag from Paisley.  It’s mine! All mine! Muwahahaha!

Super cool bag, right? The perfect shopping bag for all the shopping I’ll do when I get a job and have lotsa monies. Haha. Anyway, it’s large and roomy and will fit my life. Yay!

Um, that’s it for today. Gotta get back to my pseudo freelance work (more on that soon). Toodles!

Photo from The Fashionista Commuter. Like Paisley Clothing’s Facebook page here.

And so we count down to Plan B

Folks, I quit my job. There I said it.  Consider this the official announcement. Hah. I filed my notice early last week. Anyway, so there. By the end of August, I will be jobless. Hah. I have been thinking of upping and going for the last year or so but just couldn’t do it because I didn’t have another job waiting in the wings. This time, I’ve decided leaving is still the best move for me even without the shiny new job. Why stay when you’re clearly ready to move on, right? It was just a decision I had to make. [cue motivational music]

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"Eating chips alone on the couch" a.k.a. "NO REGRETS, B*TCHES!"

Since I already did T-Shirt Thursday yesterday (which was Wednesday but that doesn’t matter coz T-Shirt Thursday can fall on any other day I want and it will still have Thursday in its name even though it’s a different day and if you’re still reading this very long sentence, WOW.), I’ll just share today’s episode of Dinosaur Comics:

I also want to share this Harry Potter fanfiction piece from today’s episode of Questionable Content – check it out: Hermione and Ginny versus the Space Wizards. Read it! Read it! READ IT!

Fun webcomics are love.

The Things I Do When I’m Bored Out of My Wits

As an heycharconchooltant my workload depends on the projects that come in. Sometimes I’m up to my neck in work. Other times I’m rhythmically poking my eyes out of boredom (a.k.a. “gatinusluka ug mata” for my fellow Cebuanos out there). Kidding. I don’t do that poking thing, that’s nasty. But you get the point. Lucky for me, there’s a whole gamut of fun fun things I can do when I have free time at work and I have decided to list them down here because, you know, I’m bored.

So here you go. Here are the Top 5 things I do when I’m not too busy and have free time at the office.

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