"Eating chips alone on the couch" a.k.a. "NO REGRETS, B*TCHES!"

Since I already did T-Shirt Thursday yesterday (which was Wednesday but that doesn’t matter coz T-Shirt Thursday can fall on any other day I want and it will still have Thursday in its name even though it’s a different day and if you’re still reading this very long sentence, WOW.), I’ll just share today’s episode of Dinosaur Comics:

I also want to share this Harry Potter fanfiction piece from today’s episode of Questionable Content – check it out: Hermione and Ginny versus the Space Wizards. Read it! Read it! READ IT!

Fun webcomics are love.

The Things I Do When I’m Bored Out of My Wits

As an heycharconchooltant my workload depends on the projects that come in. Sometimes I’m up to my neck in work. Other times I’m rhythmically poking my eyes out of boredom (a.k.a. “gatinusluka ug mata” for my fellow Bisaya out there). Kidding. I don’t do that poking thing, that’s nasty. But you get the point. Lucky for me, there’s a whole gamut of fun fun things I can do when I have free time at work and I have decided to list them down here because, you know, I’m bored.

So here you go. Here are the Top 5 things I do when I’m not too busy and have free time at the office.

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