Ron + Hermione Forever (hahaha)

So the last book is officially coming out tomorrow. I will probably find myself with a copy weeks after everyone else has read the damn ending. I can’t wait to find out how Harry dies. Haha kidding! Actually, aside from wanting to find out how Voldemort is defeated – of course, Voldemort will be defeated some way or another – I mainly want to find out what happens with pretty Hermione and red-haired Ron. I think Emma Watson is growing up beautifully and Rupert Grint is looking to be a pretty cool bloke. I was looking through premier photos of the three Harry Potter kids and I found it so interesting to get a glimpse of their personalities. Emma Watson’s always in these nice little dresses, Daniel Radcliffe’s always in a snappy suit, and Rupert Grint’s always in a t-shirt, jeans, and a jacket. Hehe. :)

Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?

I’ve been trying to recall this song after watching Transformers last Friday night (totally slipped my mind the minute I got out of the theater), and I finally remembered it early this afternoon (thanks to Ric!). Now I can’t get it out of my head. Oh yeah, the movie was great. Has a cool soundtrack too. Watch it, all of you. :) The autobots are hot. LOL. And I have to say Shia Labeouf and Josh Duhamel are pretty good lookin things. Haha. I have mixed feelings about Megan Fox. I don’t like her and I like her at the same time. Confusing, huh? I think I feel this way coz she’s into tats (aaargh!). I don’t like most of her design choices though.

I’m leaving tomorrow for another work assignment! It’s Butuan this time, but I’ll be back by Saturday so.. goodie. I’ll be talking to fellow bisaya peeps for the next four days. :P

Kinsay maghatod sa imo pauli karong gabii? :P

At world’s end

Watched Pirates 3 last night. arr! I love johnny depp. He’s an amazing actor. He’s one of the few actors who can really transform into a character. When he plays a part, he’s not Johnny Depp playing a part, but he morphs into the character. There are actors who are considered good actors by many, but they just can’t pull it off like Johnny Depp or Edward Norton or Robert de Niro. Versatility is key, I tell you. Did I say I love Johnny Depp?

Speaking of world’s end, a friend found the website of an old friend who had decided years ago to drop off the face of the earth (umm world’s end). Well, our earth anyway. She was our high school friend who moved to the States during our college freshman year. We all exchanged emails constantly for the first few months until one day she just stopped. Something about letting go of things to be able to start on her new life. Okay we understood that but it wasn’t painless for us. She was a friend and I really felt we lost her. And now she’s been found. I sent her an email and she replied. It felt weird, but it was nice to know she’s happy where she is. We’re strangers now.


Finally had the chance to watch the first 18 episodes of the ever popular new TV show Heroes. Not bad. I like all the characters – female and male, young and old. What a very attractive bunch! Can’t wait for the next episodes. Yayyy..

Speaking of shows, there’s another one I’ve added to my list of favorites: Criminal Minds. It’s about a team of FBI profilers who analyze criminal minds and anticipate their next move. It has the same concept as that old show Profiler. Still eeenteresting though.

Speaking of favorites, I found myself the first 6 seasons of CSI on DVD. Happiness! I missed a few seasons so I can’t wait to start on this. I’m a couch po-tah-to and I luurve it.

Speaking of luurve, here’s a pic (stolen from dear cuzin’s blog hehe.) of my beluurved family (from our little family thing last holy week):

Movies and movies

Night at the Museum received bad reviews according to my friend, but people still packed the moviehouses to watch it. I don’t blame them. I love Ben Stiller and I love it when he’s got the usual people like Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan (Around the World in 80 days) stealing the scenes in his movies. Haha. My favorite scene is the one with the two little heroes and the van. Im not gonna quit you! Hehehe.

I know someone who found Babel boring, like documentary type boring. Well, it is a serious movie and a bit on the artsy side, but if you like movies with separate but interconnected stories alternately running through it, then you won’t find this film boring. It’s kinda like that movie Go, only it’s not about getting high and getting laid. Hahaha. I like the title Babel. It fits. Of course I had to ask my roommate to tell me the story of the tower of Babel. Can’t remember taking that up in Sunday School. :P My favorite scenes were the ones set in Japan. Fun. :)