Books to Movies: Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice books to movies

Pride and Prejudice book coverThe basic info. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen was first published in 1813 and is one of the most well-loved classics. There have been several films and TV series made based on the book. In this post, I’ll be talking about the only adaptation I’ve seen (so far) and that’s the 2005 film starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.

What’s the story? The description on Goodreads calls this a “comedy of manners” and it really is since it’s a witty and satirical novel about life in a society of different classes back in the day. The story revolves around a young independent woman, Elizabeth, her four sisters Jane, Mary, Kitty and Lydia, and the men who enter their lives, most notably Mr. Darcy and his best buddy Mr. Bingley.

Which one did I experience first? I saw the movie first on DVD and since then it’s been on my list of go-to movies. During the time when I was just starting out as a freelancer, I would watch this movie over and over. I just liked having it on while I worked on my laptop. It was also around that time when I decided that I should read the book (and I did, of course).

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31 Days of Books to Movies

I like books and I like movies and I’m not one to make a big fuss when books are made into movies. I like seeing the differences between a book and its film adaptation. Sometimes I like the book more and sometimes I like the movie version more. It’s not that big of a deal for me when a movie (or the book for that matter) fails miserably to meet expectations. Sure, I get disappointed but I try to be cool and be all “my hair don’t care” about it. Honestly, it’s much easier to move on from a bad movie than when a movie turns out to be just as epic (or more) than the book or the other way around! Now, epic things like that stay with me for a long time. You know what I mean. ;)

So, for the next 31 Days, it’s all going to be about books and their movie adaptations. Every. Single. Day. Hopefully. That’s the plan. I hope I don’t miss a day. Yayyyy..

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Books to Movies: Safe Haven

31 Days Books to Movies Safe Haven

Safe Haven bookFirst, the basic info. The book Safe Haven was written by author Nicholas Sparks. The movie came out in 2013 and starred Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough, Cobie Smulders, and David Lyons.

What’s the story? A woman on the run finds herself in a small town and decides to stay a while. She finds a place to stay, gets a job as a waitress, and meets some of the townsfolk – including a tall handsome store owner and his two kids. Things seem to go pretty well until her past catches up with her.

Which one did I experience first? The movie, which I watched in the cinema with my sister. I didn’t even bother asking Carpet Head if he wanted to watch it with me. When I told him I was going out with my sister to watch it, he was just like, “Meh, okay. Have fun.” LOL.

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Music Monday: Bullet Dumas

Bullet-Dumas-headshotMan, I had this post drafted up months ago, but didn’t have (or make) time to finish it. Well, lookie, it’s finally up.

So, have I told you about this guy yet? Wait, I did. I wrote about this guy back in 2012 right after I saw him perform live for the first time. Well, guess what? He released his first EP a few months ago! Say it with me, YAYYYY.

Everytime I see this guy, one scene plays in my mind and it has nothing to do with music. Back in 2012, I went with Carpet Head and Team Pilipinas to Singapore for the Singapore Ultimate Open. I had with me Carpet Head’s fancy schmancy DSL camera with the paparazzi lens attached, this huge and super heavy long lens thing. During one of the games, Bullet executed an awesome Callaghan point and I failed to capture the moment with my big ass high tech camera! Big camera-woman fail on my end. I haven’t forgotten that.

Anyway, back to Monsieur Bullet and his music. His single Pssst!  has been on the airwaves for some time now. His music is also on iTunes, Amplify, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. Check check checkitout.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSoundcloud | Bandcamp | iTunes

Okay, I was going to leave you with a Soundcloud player of one of his songs, but I couldn’t figure out how to embed the thing. Never mind! Go to Soundcloud and listen to some of Bullet’s music for FREE!

A letter from May 27th 2012

So just got an email from myself from May of last year via I completely forgot about writing this letter and it just made me smile right now. Here is what the Me in May 2012 had to say to the Me today.

Well, well. I sent this around the time when I was just starting out with the whole freelance thing. I love that I was so positive and eager! Looking at the five points mentioned in my letter, I assess my current score to be about 2.5 out of those five. I don’t feel so bad about that though.

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Rambling about Iron Man 3

I know, the movie’s been out for a while, but I had to post something movie-related again.

Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man NEVER. GETS. OLD.

Boom. That’s it. That’s my review of Iron Man 3 right there.

Right, so maybe I should say more. Okay, this is going to be very ‘rambly’ and probably chock-full of punctuation errors (em dash spree!) and ditzy expressions, so brace yourselves. No spoilers though, so no worries. You’ve seen the trailer, right?

So, the movie was pretty great. I think most people agree with that. Even those who haven’t seen it yet will agree to that. It was entertaining and funny and full of Robert Downey, Jr. goodness. If you didn’t like the movie, I don’t know, maybe it’s not your thing, that’s fine. Anyway, it was great, but I would just like to mention three things that always amazes me to bits everytime an Iron Man movie comes out.

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Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

I know it’s been a while since the movie adaptation of popular young adult novel Beautiful Creatures came out, but I’ve decided that this blog needs more movie posts. So doing movie reviews (or attempting to) is another not-so-shiny new item on my long long list of writing to-do’s (which is currently somewhat neglected, by the way, but we’ll talk about that another time).  Let’s get it on, shall we?

I haven’t read the book so this is obviously not going to be a book-to-movie post. Maybe I’ll come back to this if or when I’ve read the book. I’ve read mixed reviews about this one and I may pass on it, but I’m kind of curious about it, too. We shall see. Or not.

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Yes, it is absolutely vital that I post about Safe Haven.

It really is. Absolutely vital, I mean.

Yes, yes, I know I haven’t been posting much about movies and I feel awful, but really this post is just an excuse to talk about Safe Haven, the latest movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book. That Nick, you know. He’s damn good with making stories that make women like me feel warm and fuzzy and obsessed with cool soundtracks (huh?). Although I haven’t read most of your charming novels, I heart you, Nicholas Sparks, I do. But not as much as I heart Josh Duhamel. Yes. That man.

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Music Monday: Long Live Original Pinoy Music!

About time I post about music again on this wretched blog. And I have the perfect reason.

After a gazillion years, I finally experienced live music again last weekend. Last Sat, a bunch of us went to Conspiracy Garden Cafe to watch one of our disc friends, Bullet Dumas, ultimate player extraordinaire and musical genius (o ha?), perform with a bunch of other music geniuses. The awesomeness of these insanely talented people is just downright krayzay.

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Guest Post: The 3 Prettiest Films

Hey, it’s been ages since I posted about movies. Admittedly, Carpet Head and I haven’t been going to the cinemas as often as we used to. We’ve been having too much fun staying in and just watching TV or DVDs. Of course, we did manage to catch the must-see ones. You know which ones I’m talking about. The last three movies we watched together were The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises–all totally EPIC, incredibly AWESOME, and INSANE.

Why yes, I enjoyed them immensely, how’d you guess? I can’t say how much these movies ruled, especially the last two, but I’m not going to go raving about them now. Right now I turn over the floor–er, blog–to Samantha, who is my awesome guest today. Read about her top 3 prettiest (and awesome) films. Take it away, Sam. (Can I call you, Sam?)

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Inspiration Monday: MUSIC (A Guest Post)

Today’s Inspiration Monday is a guest post by Laura. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Let me first start off by saying that I love music as much as I love writing. They both contain words and these words contain many different emotions for people. Now pair the words with instruments and a soulful voice and the words take on a whole new life. I think we can all agree that there are songs that play and can bring you to tears or make you want to jump up and pretend you are Kevin Bacon from ‘Footloose’. So when I write, I always have music playing in my ears, whether it is Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Willie Nelson or DeadMau5. I need this music to feed me as I write. 

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It’s my last year on the calendar, so they say.

Good Friday marked my 31st year on this earth. Yep, I just turned 31 last week. That means I am even more fabulous and I will soon rule the world! < insert evil laugh>

Okay, that’s it. Yeah, I don’t mind telling everyone I’m 31. It actually feels like a badge of honor because it means I’m old enough to laugh at the people in their twenties. Hah just kidding (half-kidding?). Anyway, I thank the Lord I have a good life. It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty good one. I have a loving family, an awesome man, awesome friends, awesome online friends, and awesome other-people. I’m doing something I love, working towards my dream, and learning every day. Everything’s just so cool. I am so thankful to Him, to everyone, and to YOU!

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Of personal challenges and book blog tours (happenin’ next week!)

When I was still a youngling in the consulting world, my manager would ask me if I thought I was comfortable enough to do a small part of the presentation or to facilitate the ice breaker exercise. It was my manager’s way of teaching me and easing me into the ways of the consulting business.  Most of the time our target audiences were the managers or senior personnel of our clients. I would always say yes even though I was terrified of the thought and would rather not do any presenting or facilitating ever and at all. I’m an introvert and speaking in front of an audience is not my cup of tea, but I would always say yes to it because I saw it as a chance for me to just get it over with. It was a way of challenging myself and I didn’t want to be called a scaredy cat.

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Of new year’s eve movie marathons and a new online find

New Year’s Eve movie marathons

I’m not sure when it started, but for a few years now, a movie marathon has become a new year’s eve/day thing at our house. We’ve had The Lord of the Rings running consistently now. On some years, we threw in a couple of the Starwars flicks when LOTR was done. We usually start any time between the day before new year’s eve or on the day itself or right after the midnight celebration. This year I started it early just because. Watched it a few days ago. LOTR still rocks after all these years.

“But the fat hobbit, he knowsss…”

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Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera Live in Manila

Yes, we watched the man himself perform live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. He was, of course, with his “brother by choice” Toca Rivera. Can’t say anything else except that they were awesome. They looked like they were just jamming and having fun up there. Jason Mraz sounds EXACTLY the way he sounds on his records. Pure awesome. I can’t say it enough. You know he’s awesome, right?

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Finally I’ve caught up with The Games

The Hunger Games, that is. Yes, yes, it’s been a gazillion years since the first book of this ever so popular trilogy came out and the second and third have been out for quite some time. I just finished The Hunger Games yesterday. Carpet Head was finally able to dig up his copy from somewhere so I was able to get a hold of it. Not bad. Very Battle Royale. I liked it. I love that the main character is a strong woman. I could’ve done without the lovey dovey parts between the two leads though, but I guess it was essential to the story. If you’ve read the book, you know what I mean.

So, the movie’s coming out in March next year. I would watch it for Jennifer Lawrence, who’s playing the heroine. She’s gorgeous. I think at first fans weren’t sure if she could do the role justice, but I think she can make it work. I mean, hello, Winter’s Bone. That role got her Oscar and Golden Globe nominations and several other film awards. I haven’t seen it but I trust the film critics on this one.