Hello, November! (plus my favorite writers’ resources)

Aaaand just like that it’s November. And we know what that means – it’s NaNoWriMo once again. Yep.

NaNoWrimo or National Novel Writing Month is when people attempt to write and finish a novel for the entire month of November. Well, the goal is to write a novel of at least 50,000 words. Some folks say it’s crazy, some folks say it works for them. For me, I see it as a personal challenge to START something.

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National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2015

So, on a whim, I decided to sign up for NaNoWriMo. For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month is exactly what it sounds like – a whole month of novel writing. For the whole of November, participants (attempt to) work on a 50,000-word novel.


Holy buffoonery, Batman.

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Alphabetical Advice Challenge

I used to do writing challenges at my now defunct writing blog. This is a repost of one of my writing challenges from over two years ago. The writing prompt was to make a list of alphabetical advice. After I wrote the post, I realized that the tips or advice I wrote were things that I try to go by or would give to myself. Check them out.

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Creating the space to create

Photo from Death to the Stock Photo

How do you give yourself the space necessary to create?

This is the question designer and best-selling author Paul Jarvis posed to his readers and followers. He collaborated with writing platform Medium to give people a venue to post their response and Death to the Stock Photo has also generously provided ten amazing images that people can use in their stories.

I decided to grab the opportunity to do some practice writing and join in. I honestly had to think hard about it because I couldn’t really pinpoint a specific thing that I do that helps me get into that “creative space” or “writing zone.” It took a few minutes of net-browsing and reading some of the responses for me to come up with my own response.

Click here to read what I wrote.

Click on this link if you want to join in or read other people’s responses.

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By the way, the gorgeous feature image above is care of Death to the Stock Photo. Join their mailing list and receive a free pack of photos every month.

The Spa Wellness Datebook 2015

Last month I decided that I should keep a fitness journal this year. I was kind of obsessing about the Blogilates Fit Journal – which looks pretty cool (though it’s too structured for me and would probably be wasted on me) – and I was thinking maybe keeping a journal might help me be more consistent, so I decided to transform one of my unused notebooks into a pseudo “fitness journal.” I selected one with unlined pages and started logging in my workouts.

I was able to log in a few workout sessions before my whole fitness journal plan went kaput. Hah. It was around the time that Carpet Head gave me this “Wellness Datebook” by The Spa. I was ecstatic when I got it because it meant I can use it instead of the unlined notebook and save the other one for whatever mighty writing ventures I can think of in the future. Haha. I copied my records of my previous workouts into the datebook and that was the last time I opened it. HAH. I stopped working out days before Boracay Open and still haven’t started working out again days after Boracay. I know, I’m terrible.

Anyway, I think my grace period has ended and I should be starting my workouts again so I’m hoping to revive this “fitness journal” thing this month.

To jumpstart this “revival,” let me tell you a little bit about The Spa Wellness Datebook and what’s in it.

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Let’s talk about goals

I was hesitant to do a post like this because it seems I write down the same goals year after year and I never get them all done. However, I was reading an email newsletter from The Creative Penn and she mentioned blogging about her goals for accountability purposes, so I thought maybe I should do that, too. Maybe if I do the same thing I’d feel more motivated to work on my own goals and maybe get at least half of them done. Hah, we shall see. But then the start of a new year always makes me feel positive so here is my list of things for 2015:

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31 Days of Books to Movies

I like books and I like movies and I’m not one to make a big fuss when books are made into movies. I like seeing the differences between a book and its film adaptation. Sometimes I like the book more and sometimes I like the movie version more. It’s not that big of a deal for me when a movie (or the book for that matter) fails miserably to meet expectations. Sure, I get disappointed but I try to be cool and be all “my hair don’t care” about it. Honestly, it’s much easier to move on from a bad movie than when a movie turns out to be just as epic (or more) than the book or the other way around! Now, epic things like that stay with me for a long time. You know what I mean. ;)

So, for the next 31 Days, it’s all going to be about books and their movie adaptations. Every. Single. Day. Hopefully. That’s the plan. I hope I don’t miss a day. Yayyyy..

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Rambling about my topic for the 31 Days challenge in October

You can probably guess from the accompanying image what that topic is, but let me just regale you with how I came to that decision.

For the past couple of days I’ve been racking my brain for a topic that I can write about for 31 Days in October.

I went to the 31 Days site, checked out some of the topics that people wrote about last year, and found some really good starting points like lists, letters, favorite things, movies, books, and many other cool topics.

I was thinking maybe I could just do random free-writes every single day for a month, but that would mean I would still need to come up with something to write about every day. Then I thought maybe I could write about blogging and freelancing or I could do a creative writing challenge, one with prepared writing prompts and everything. I also thought maybe I could do posts inspired by random tracks from Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits playlist.

Anyway, I started listing down potential topics and one of them was “fiction characters” and I got excited, like this was a topic I can get behind, and I started making guidelines in my head. I was thinking, each day I could write about one character from a book or from a movie. Then I thought, maybe I should stick to characters solely from books or movies, and then BAM. Books to movies.

Aaaaand that’s how I decided that I shall write about books and their movie adaptations for the entire month of October. Yayyyyy.

By the way, after I came to that decision and listed down some of the books I’ve read that have film versions that I’ve seen, I realized that I also signed up for a Books to Movies Giveaway Hop this October.

Holy synchronicity, Batman!

So there. The entire month of October will be all about Books to Movies. Hopefully I won’t miss a day in this challenge. The fun begins October 1st!

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Want to know more about 31 Days? Check it out right here.