The Odyssey: Every Man Is Legendary [Video]


One thing I really love about my job is that I discover a lot of creative campaigns and projects from around the world. I got another one for yah!

Remember back in September when I posted about Heineken’s Legends campaign? That campaign was all about finding out whether legends are born or made. They dropped off random guys in random parts of the world to find out what they’re made of when taken out of their comfort zone. I thought that was pretty cool, especially when they dropped off two Irish dudes on a beach in the Philippines! Lucky dudes.

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Sun Soaked Beach Fest in Ilocos Sur

Last weekend was pretty awesome. We spent the Chinese New Year playing beach ultimate up north in Ilocos Sur. It was my first time there and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the place is.

I’m lazy so check out the photos I took with my iPhone. Hah. Yeah, I really should learn to take more photos when I’m out doing something fun. I try. :P

Aaaand we have photos.

Look, a coconut tree! We stayed in the shade under this tree during and in between games. Check out that blue sky. Love.

photo 6

Man, look at this beauty. The sand was fine and almost white.


It’s a flying bear!

photo 8

Hubby had a thing for bagnet, a pork dish served with a tomato and onion salsa thing mixed with bagoong (fermented fish or shrimp and salt).

photo 2

A shot of the popular Calle Crisologo, a cobblestone street lined with Spanish Era buildings.

photo 3

We stopped at this coffee place at Calle Crisologo for dessert.

photo 4

In this one, I was trying to get a shot of the street lamp with all the flying things around it. Just because.

photo 5

Woohoo beach weekend! LOL. Haha I suck as a blogger.

Are Legends Born or Made?

As a freelance writer I come across a lot of interesting things from tips, sources and websites I follow. Most of them are branding or marketing campaigns that are unlike anything I’ve seen and pretty much off the hook.

One of the latest cool things I’ve come across is Heineken’s Voyage campaign, where they try to find out what men are really made of when taken out of their regular lives and dropped off into the unknown. They find these random dudes from all over the world and then drop them off in a seemingly random location. Imagine getting dropped off in the middle of Alaska with nothing but a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket for home, and the airport is miles away. Holy legendary adventures, Batman!

Voyage is the fifth installment in a series of campaigns called Legends. In Voyage, Heineken picks guys from all over the globe and then drop them off in a remote global location and arm them with basic supplies. Then they film them, of course, to create Dropped, a sort of documentary type series showing the guys having the adventure of their lives.

You can watch the videos at the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel. Viewers can watch the series and follow the adventurers through diary entries and updates. Viewers can also contribute their own video entries for a chance to get picked to go on their own legendary adventure.

Every Voyage adventure is tailored for the main character, the adventurer, and it’s really an experiment to see the adventurer discovering his own limits and conquering all sorts of challenges, and answering the question, “Are legends made or Dropped?”

Pretty cool, right? But my question is, how come they’re picking only GUYS?? Maybe they will have one for gals soon, eh?

In the meantime, check out the episodes. There’s one of two Irish guys who get dropped off in the Philippines! I thought that was pretty funny. ;)

Girls Weekend Getaway: Puerto Princesa

It was time for the annual girls’ getaway with my soul sisters! Last year we braved August winds and rain in Boracay. The year before that we were in Cebu City. This year we went to Puerto Princesa in Palawan! It was yet another weekend of shrieky head-thrown-back laughter, crazy antics and awesome girl moments. We missed a couple of our mommy friends though because they had to stay home to tend to family stuff.

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12 Days of Vacation – Part 2

It’s been weeks since and I’m too lazy to write a detailed narrative about the rest of my fantabulous vacation. I’m just going to be extremely brief about the rest of our days in China and I’m going to post more of my amateur camera phone photos. Say it with me, Yayyy!

Day 3 – The Great Wall, The Bird’s Nest.
I think this was the most awaited part of our trip. The Great Wall is really such an amazing structure. It was also crowded as hell. Everybody wants to be on the Great Wall. By the way, apparently it’s not true that it’s the only man-made structure visible from the moon or from space. They say you need special vision things to actually see the wall from space. How about that?

The Beijing National Stadium, the famous Bird’s Nest, is another beautiful, beautiful structure. You can’t help but be in pure awe of its steel-y awesomeness. Seeing it from outside and actually going inside makes you wish you were at the last olympics.

We also went to the kung fu show at the Red Theater, but it was our last night and I was so exhausted from all the walking and the photo-ops that I almost dozed off in the middle of the performance. Haha. The stunts were impressive though, and the little kung fu kids were adorable.

Day 4 – Homeward bound.
Carpet Head’s fabulous mom managed to find the army cap I had been looking for the entire trip. My dad asked me to buy him a cap like that, but the ones we saw during our tours were of poor quality. My dad rarely asks me to get him anything so I wasn’t about to get him a crappy cap. Good thing Fabulous Mom saw it in one of the duty free stores and told us where to find it. Yay for super shopper mom!

Due to radar breakdown in NAIA, we were diverted to Hong Kong. It got us free dinner and a few minutes to go around the nice airport. Haha.

What the? Pictures!

Here are shots of scenes at the Great Wall, the ladys room near the entrance to the Great Wall, the Bird’s Nest, inside the Bird’s Nest, and Lei cafe at Beijing airport. I have my own cafe in Beijing. Uh huh, I’m cool like that.

12 Days of Vacation – Part 1

12 Days of Vacation – Part 1

I was on leave from the 10th to the 21st (yay holiday!). For the first four days I was gallivanting in China and for the rest I was merely chilling out in Manila with Carpet Head. Yay.

Ni Hao!

So, I flew out to Beijing with Carpet Head, his parental units, and a couple of their family friends. The trip was as fun as it could be. The weather in Beijing was perfect – sunny during the day and cool during the night. Our hotel also turned out to be spankin’. I shared a room with the ladies (Carpet Head’s mom and tita) and our boys (Carpet Head, his dad and his tito) bunked in another room. Yeba.

Day 1 – Shopping. We first went to Aliens Street but didn’t really find anything great. Ya Show was a different story – for the ladies, anyway. We decided to split up and meet after an hour. An hour later, Carpet Head and I had already gone through all four floors but the ladies were still on the first floor. The men were just standing around and chatting. Carpet Head and I decided to go next door to The Village to check out the Adidas, Nike, and Mizuno stores. We were hoping to find frisbee stuff that’s hard to find in the Philippines. The stores were impressive, but, unfortunately, we didn’t really find what we were looking for. I guess they don’t carry everything either. Boo. We went back to Ya Show – the ladies weren’t done yet, of course – and I ended up with a couple of comfy skirts for myself, a cardigan for my sister, and an 8gb USB courtesy of Carpet Head (yay!). I’m not much of a shopper, huh? Anyway, dinner was at Banana Leaf where the entertainers were pinoy and we just went back to the hotel after. Carpet Head and I chilled for a while at the hotel bar with a glass of red wine before heading to bed.

Day 2 – Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven. We were also supposed to go to the Forbidden City, but we changed our itinerary so we could do more shopping. Tiananmen Square was huge and crowded. Temple of Heaven was the same thing, only with interesting temples and structures and a lot of dancing folks. Yes, people were dancing, playing board games and what not, and doing a lot of other stuff. After lunch we dropped by a silk factory, where we listened to a guy explain how silk is harvested from silk worms. From the Silk Factory we went back to Ya Show supposedly to just “exchange” a couple of items from yesterday, but we were there longer than planned. Carpet Head and I bought a few souvenir shirts. The ladies ended up with much more. In fairness to the moms, they were shopping for everyone else. We capped off the day with a nice dinner at Jade Garden.

Carpet Head took a lot of nice photographs with his nice camera. I mostly posed and played the good tourist. I also took crappy shots with my camera phone. I snapped a grand total of six pictures that day. Here are the best ones. Haha. That last shot of Tito helping Tita up the steps was an accidental one. I was looking at the temple and didn’t notice them. Sweet. :)