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Rambling Tuesday: I seriously suck as a book blogger right now.

So the question that’s been on my mind lately is this: Am I still a book blogger if I haven’t been reading or reviewing any of the books I’m supposed to be reading and reviewing?Last Friday I was all, “Have a good weekend, people. Read a book.” on Twitter and all weekend I was having a hard time getting back to the book I’ve been “currently reading” for weeks now. And it’s a pretty exciting book, too, with a really kickass female heroine, and I was having a hard time getting back to it. I finished it finally at the last hour.  Yay for me, but then I still have tons of books to go.I’m kind of stuck. And I suck because I’m kind of stuck.

Relax, sit back, and read a webcomic!

Aside from hopping around book blogs and awesome websites, reading about the latest innovations and cool stuff about everything, looking at pictures of cute kitties and doggies, scouring the interwebs for awesome graphic tees, and stalking my friends on Facebook, I also love reading comics online!

I’ve already posted about some of my favorites yearssss ago, but I thought I should post about them again because, really, you can’t go wrong with spreading some web comic love.

If you’ve never read a web comic before, here are great places to start.

Fess Up Friday: I’m stressing about wedding preps in my head

What is my dream wedding? I honestly can’t remember what I pictured in my head about my wedding when I was a young girl. I mean, most girls had that fantasy, right? I know I had some sort of “dream wedding” scenario in my head, but I can’t seem to remember the details.

Why am I asking? Because I’m starting to stress about wedding preps in my head. Just in my head. I have a million thoughts in my head all the time. They’re mostly about the wedding colors, the mood, the theme. I always thought the THEME encompassed everything. Apparently, you have to determine the MOOD, too. I was like, uh, we’re having a garden wedding. What’s the theme? What’s the mood? Uh, garden wedding? Eep. Anyway, the caterer who also happens to do event styling kinda cleared that up for us, so now we have to create a mood board of some sort. I have tons of pictures from the net, but they’re all just stuff that I find nice and pretty. I don’t seek out anything specific or look for burlap table runner wedding stuff like those in the vintage or country themed weddings I’ve seen on the net. I need to put together something that would show our personalities!

A letter from May 27th 2012

So just got an email from myself from May of last year via I completely forgot about writing this letter and it just made me smile right now. Here is what the Me in May 2012 had to say to the Me today.

Well, well. I sent this around the time when I was just starting out with the whole freelance thing. I love that I was so positive and eager! Looking at the five points mentioned in my letter, I assess my current score to be about 2.5 out of those five. I don’t feel so bad about that though.

A partial bucket list

Since we’re been talking about bucket lists all week, I thought I should start writing down my own. Many of the things are inspired by the book A Writer’s Bucket List and most of the things on my list are more like “what I want to accomplish this year” kind of stuff than “things I want to do before I die” kind of stuff, but what the heck. A list is a list and I think it’s always healthy to have a list of small goals or plans for any time and any where.

This is just a partial list, okay? :)

The Bucket List Challenge: What will you cross off your bucket list in 2013?

Welcome to The Bucket List Challenge! Yayyyyy. The challenge only has one simple rule. Answer the question: What will I cross off my bucket list in 2013?

Okay, I haven’t really sat down and thought about my bucket list, but there are a couple of things that I already know I want to cross off this year. Wait, make that three things that I MUST cross off this year.

The first one is related to writing, the second is related to health, and the third is related to my other obsession hobby: blog customization. Read on about the top 3 (for now) on my bucket list. And if you haven’t yet, enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of A Writer’s Bucket List!