Manic Friday

There are so many things in my head right now and I am praying to explode (or implode maybe).

I’m listening to NU107 and, as what always happens when I’m listening to music I like, I want to do nothing but drown drown drown in the sound. I miss watching Pinoy bands live.

At the same time I’m surfing the net and reading about independent/cult films I’ve missed and I feel besieged with the desire to somehow find all these films and not leave my apartment until I’ve watched them all.

These days I’m also obsessing again about t-shirts, indie shirts, band shirts, whatever. I feel weird obsessing about shirts. I’m thinking I want to screen print my own shirt one of these days. Crap, I wish I was artistic.

Speaking of obsessions, I think I have the design I want inked on my back, but now I’m thinking maybe I should get in shape first before I do anything. I need to tone my lazy ass. Argh. I’m too lazy to exercise. Must play ultimate tomorrow.

I’ve been surfing (stalking) people’s blogs too. I stumbled onto the blog of rising indie actor and musician Ping Medina, spawn of the great Pen Medina. Now I think I’m having one of my week-long crushes again (last week it was Justin Long, as a result of having watched Die Hard 4). I’ve only seen one film of the guy – Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros. great film.

I’m too lazy to do any work right now.

Thank God it’s Friday?