Boracay Open 2015: Sun, sand, sea, and ultimate

Boracay White Beach

Every year since 2009, the Ultimate Warriors have joined the annual Boracay Open International Beach Ultimate Competition and, this year, for the third time in a row, we made it to the finals in Pool B. Woot.

The first time we made it to the finals, we lost to DUO, the club team from UP Diliman. Last year, we won against the Sexual Harassment Panda Experience, a team of players from different parts of the globe. This year, we were up against another Manila team, Pancakes. Unfortunately, we didn’t win this one, but, hey, this is our third year in the finals! Plus two of our players won individual awards! Carpet Head bagged a spot on the Mythical 4 for Pool B, while Ced (who plays for DUO which didn’t field a team this year) bagged the Finals MVP award for Pool B. YAYYYY.

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The Circle Hostel, La Union

This is a really late post. Last February, I got to visit La Union for the second time. The first time was with the Warriors back in 2007.  This time I went with a different bunch of my frisbee teammates to play ultimate and have some fun under the sun. Carpet Head had a thing during that weekend so that was actually the first time I went out of town for frisbee without him. Pretty exciting stuff. Hah. Actually, I wanted to go because the poster said a lot of pretty cool bands would be playing at the party. That turned out to be a faker because none of those bands showed up. Apparently, there was some sort of misunderstanding or what not and it was a different set of performers who went onstage. No biggie though, we still had fun.

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