Monday Musings: I need more girly stuff

The week before last, I went to the alumni homecoming at my old firm and I had to borrow my sister’s pants and long cardigan. I also had to dig up some old black office flats because I didn’t have anything else to wear. Sister dear has some gorgeous wedges and pumps, but unfortunately my feet are a size larger than hers. Sadness.

Seriously, I need more girly stuff in my closet. Sure, I have some really cool tanks and graphic tees that I usually wear with cute shorts and my sister’s cool cargo skirt (which I luuurve to death), but I need a few pieces that I can wear to slightly more formal or ‘dressed up’ occasions. I can’t really wear my graphic tees all the time, you know. I need a cute blouse or a nice dress so that I won’t look underdressed at these pseudo fancypants events.

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Of bag lady looks, the Wednesday Club and freelance writer things

The Bag Lady

Ever since I got the big Paisley bag, I’ve been meaning to do a post on some of the looks I’ve put together with the bag. Then I realized they’re just my usual getup plus the bag. Hah. Anyway, I decided to just feature what I wore to dinner a few nights ago. I met up with some of my former colleagues from my last firm and this is what I wore. I call it the Bag Lady Look.

TADA! Big skirt plus big bag equals bag lady in the house, y’all! I should have worn the bag on my shoulder in this photo to illustrate. Anyway, just imagine the big blue bag hanging on my shoulder instead of sitting on that divan over there. Do you see it?

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Bum life day 2

Official bum life day 1 was yesterday and I spent it surfing the net and watching TV at Carpet Head’s wifi zone and cable ready pad. Woohoo. Today I did a little errand at the bank, surfed the net, and opted for a book instead of the TV. Woohoo. So productive. Yay me!

Okay, so I’m not used to being a bum. I was a bum for about a year right after college, but that was ages ago. I’ve forgotten how it is to not go to work on a weekday. Anyway, I do have a semblance of a plan and it does include scouring for a job and all that grown up stuff, but I think for now I’m trying to have a few no-plan days before I launch into my plan B.

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