What Job Industry Best Suits You?

In 13 days I will be celebrating my 7th year with the firm. SEVEN. YEARS. HOLY. MOLY. I never thought I would last seven years. Truth be told, I’m still wondering if I’m in the right industry or whether I can keep doing what I’m doing for seven years more (eep!).

Well! This is what this little quiz from FemaleNetwork.Com has to say about that:

You should be in Management!
This includes departments such as human resources, accounting, and administration—those who work behind the scenes to make sure the company runs smoothly and efficiently. The Ps of patience and perseverance are needed since this kind of work tends to be largely clerical or routinary and involves a significant amount of attention to detail. Lastly, especially with HR, it requires a good understanding of people and people management. It is quite stable, regularly in demand, and offers a good amount of career growth
Eeen-ter-esting. Honestly, I just want to be a mananahi. But first I have to get my buh-hind in sewing school. What are the good sewing schools in Manila?