We’ve moved house!


Since our wedding, Carpet Head and I have been staying at his bachelor’s pad, a 30+ square-meter apartment that was just right for two people. Well, I don’t think there was enough space for all our shiznit combined, but it was nice and cozy and incredibly convenient, and I had grown attached to it. So attached that I was all, “Boohoo, bye condow” in the last couple of days before we were scheduled to move out. Anyway, a couple of months ago we started renovations at our future nest, which is a little bigger and more hey-there’s-an-extra-room-for-a-future-baby-friendly, so to speak. As with the case of most newlyweds, everybody’s expecting us to bring forth babies any day now. Not happening yet, but we might as well move to a bigger place.

Sooo, the new apartment is done and we’ve moved house! YAY. We had the house blessing yesterday to, you know, keep us protected, usher in the good vibes, keep the bad vibes (or ghosts!) away (You have no powah heyuhh!!), and declare the place our new home. After the priest did his part , which was quite quick, mum-in-law gave me a bowl of shiny coins which I – as lady of the house, I suppose – had to toss in every room of the house, starting from the main entrance, and everyone else scrambled to get their hands on as many coins as they could. The “throwing coins” thing was new to me, but it apparently symbolizes a shower of blessings, prosperity and luck, and you’re basically sharing it with those who manage to grab a coin or two (or a fistful even).

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