Relax, sit back, and read a webcomic!

Aside from hopping around book blogs and awesome websites, reading about the latest innovations and cool stuff about everything, looking at pictures of cute kitties and doggies, scouring the interwebs for awesome graphic tees, and stalking my friends on Facebook, I also love reading comics online!

I’ve already posted about some of my favorites yearssss ago, but I thought I should post about them again because, really, you can’t go wrong with spreading some web comic love.

If you’ve never read a web comic before, here are great places to start.

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"Eating chips alone on the couch" a.k.a. "NO REGRETS, B*TCHES!"

Since I already did T-Shirt Thursday yesterday (which was Wednesday but that doesn’t matter coz T-Shirt Thursday can fall on any other day I want and it will still have Thursday in its name even though it’s a different day and if you’re still reading this very long sentence, WOW.), I’ll just share today’s episode of Dinosaur Comics:

I also want to share this Harry Potter fanfiction piece from today’s episode of Questionable Content – check it out: Hermione and Ginny versus the Space Wizards. Read it! Read it! READ IT!

Fun webcomics are love.