Random book: The Golden Acorn by Catherine Cooper

I am a sucker for free Kindle books on Amazon.  Every once in a while I check the top 100 free books list and download the ones that seem interesting to me.  Most of the books I download fall in the young readers and fantasy categories.   I download too many of these books, but I have only read a few of them. Some of the ones I read were so-so, but one or two were actually good.  The Golden Acorn by Catherine Cooper was one of the nice ones.

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A Game of Thrones (A Song of Fire and Ice, Book 1)

Finally finished the book. Yayyy. Thank the heavens. Goodness, took me forever to get through that one. It was probably because I watched the HBO series first before I started on the book and I already knew what was going to happen so I guess I wasn’t really feeling the suspense and excitement of not knowing the twists and turns of the story and.. and.. SPLORT!

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HNY + Book Watch: The Son of Neptune (Rick Riordan)

HNY! Happy New Year! May the year of the water dragon be great for all of us! :P

To celebrate, I read a book. Hah. Yay for geeks. Yay I finished my first book for the year. See? I’m still reading, folks! Okay, granted this is a book for young teens and is really easy to read, I think it still counts as good reading. Rick Riordan makes pretty good stories.

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