Review: Hammer of Angels by G.T. Almasi

About the book

In G. T. Almasi’s thrilling alternate reality, the United States, the USSR, and the Republic of China share a fragile balance of power with Greater Germany, which emerged from World War II in control of Europe and half of the Middle East. To avoid nuclear Armageddon, the four superpowers pursue their ambitions with elite spies known as Levels, who are modified with mechanical and chemical enhancements.

Nineteen-year-old Alix Nico, code-named Scarlet, is a kick-ass superheroine with killer Mods and an attitude to match. She’s considered one of America’s top Levels, even though her last mission nearly precipitated World War III. So now Scarlet and her new partner, Darwin, have been sent to Greater Germany to help sow the seeds of anarchy and prevent Germany’s defection to Russia and China.

But where Scarlet goes, chaos follows—and when her mission takes an unexpected turn, she and Darwin must go ever deeper into enemy territory. As Scarlet grapples with a troubling attraction to her new partner, explosive information comes to light about the German cloning program and one of its prisoners—a legendary American Level who just happens to be Scarlet’s father.

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And here’s where I ramble about review this book

I was immediately drawn to the cover of this book. After I read the summary I got even more interested because the kickass heroine reminded me of Junco Coot, one of my favorite book characters ever. You know how I love me a kickass heroine.

The book, unfortunately, got caught in my blogging and reading rut and was pushed further and further down with the rest of my review pile. I picked it up a few weeks ago and finally finished it last weekend.

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