T-Shirt Thursday! Yay!

It's t-shirt Thursday!

Goodness, I haven’t done a T-Shirt Thursday in ages.

But I remember spying a few cute and cool ones in my inbox a few weeks back (you know I’m subscribed to a few graphic tee newsletters), so I decided to do a little bit of browsing.

Here are some of my latest favorites. Enjoy! :)

TShirt Thursday Sep9

-1UP by Pedro Josue Carvajal Ramirez (Threadless) – I love art about classic video game stuff so I find this really cute. I miss this game. Do you miss this game, too?

It’s A Living by Michael Buxton (Threadless) – I just found this funny. Heyo, all you home-based, remote workers out there, whatup? LOL. What?

Kaiju Road by Pigboom Kaboom (Threadless) – I don’t care what anybody says, I love the Pacific Rim movies. They’re just fun. I don’t get why the jaegers and kaijus have to do hand-to-hand combat first before the robots can bust out their cannons and swords, but hey, it’s entertaining, right?

Duality by Radiomode (DesignbyHumans) – I might have featured this here before or maybe not. This design makes me a little sad because it makes me think about what we’re doing to the planet. Right?

Magic Symbols For An Alchemist by EVA3 (DesignbyHumans) – Anything that has to do with magic, I’m all for it! This one’s neat.

And that’s it.

Thanks for reading. Bye! :)

Images via Threadless, DesignbyHumans

Yay it’s T-Shirt Thursday!

It's t-shirt Thursday!

Oh yay I have a new T-Shirt Thursday post! It’s been a while coz I’ve been busy.


I’ve been a lazy blogger as always, that’s what. This blog has gotten so boring, I swear. I’m getting so frustrated over this reading and blogging rut, but I’m really really trying to get this blog back to how it was before. You know, more personal and fun (for me, anyway). I mean, sure I love posting about the books that catch my attention, but I also want to post more about other things, like stuff I find interesting or about what’s been happening in my life. Yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway highway, I gotta think and work on that for a bit. Now lemme attempt to entertain you with my graphic tee picks of the week! YAYYY.

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It’s T-Shirt Thursday! [Tank Top Edition]

It's t-shirt Thursday!

I love tank tops. If only I could wear them all day errr-day and errr-where! Seriously, it’s my dream life – tank tops, shorts and flip flops or cute kicks forever. These days, I’m also obsessing about kicks coz the hubby’s obsessed with them and he has a growing collection of cute sneakies in fun bright colors while I have, like, one pair. Gah.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite graphic tanks for this week’s T-Shirt Thursday!

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