Yoga Challenge and 28 Day Reset Challenge Report

All my February challenges officially ended last week and I’m happy to say I did  good. Woot!

My sister and I won “best journal” in the 30 day yoga challenge (hah!) and we each won one week unlimited passes. Yay! I also placed 3rd – tie with a fellow yogi – in the weight loss challenge for losing over 3 kilos! Not bad, eh? :)

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My February is basically ‘Challenge Month’

Last month I posted my list of goals for the year and there were only six things on that list: read 3 books a month, write in my Q&A A Day For Writers journal, practice yoga, play ultimate, eat healthy and learn about chakras, meditation, etc.

These “goals” were more like “things I want to do this year” and I wanted to be pretty chill about them because I didn’t want to pressure myself. Anyway, a month into the new year I realized that some of these goals will really have to take a backseat if I focus on one or two because that’s exactly what happened.

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Coffee Not Coffee for coffee lovers

Coffee Not Coffee

What’s better than a good ol’ cup of coffee? Winning a whole pack of organic coffee, that is!

Yep, the giveaway gods have blessed me again! I won the cool Coffee Not Coffee giveaway over at Greta’s Junkyard! Yayyyyy coffeeee.

I was pretty excited when I found out I was one of the two winners. I entered on the last day of the giveaway so I really felt lucky. It made me feel so giddy that I thought I should do a post when I’ve had a taste of my prize! I haven’t done a product review in a long while so this should be interesting.

Read on to know more about Coffee Not Coffee and my first taste of their organic coffee product.

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Meet the fiance (a.k.a. Carpet Head)

Hey, guys! Could you help us out and view this video? :) It’s just a video of my fiance talking about 360 Fitness and doing a few circuit training exercises. He’s a finalist in the fitness club’s search for the Get360Fit Ambassador and we need all the views we can get! Thanks! ;)

The exercises he’s doing in this video are pretty advanced for me, but I’m hoping to do circuit training as well in preparation for, you know, the big day. Hah I’ve been saying that for months, but really I need to tone up so that I’ll look great in my strappy backless wedding dress. Woooh.

I can has brains?

I Can Has Brains?

I want a zombie cat shirt. That is all.

Okay, that’s not really all. I haven’t been on my blog much these past few days. It’s because dear sister has been in the hospital since Monday and we (my bro and I) have been with her. They had to drain fluid that had accumulated in her left lung. Poor thing has a tube stuck in the side of her chest to let the fluid out. We’re just waiting for it all to drain out. Hopefully, she can go home tomorrow. They haven’t told us yet what caused the fluid to accumulate – they’re still doing tests or something. Before we came here, sister had a nasty cough for a while and had fever on and off. She was feeling some pain on her right side so she went to get checked. Her x-ray showed something in her left lung so she was referred to a pulmonologist. Turned out to be fluid, so she had to be admitted to have it drained. So there. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be okay. We’re just praying for her quick recovery so she can go home and rest. :)

So, what’s the moral lesson here, folks? HEALTH IS WEALTH. Always take care of your health.

That is all.

Spread the love. :)