Girls Weekend Getaway: Bantayan Island, Cebu

bantayan island

I flew out to Cebu the other weekend to hang out with my girlfriends for our “not always annual but we try” annual girls weekend getaway. We went to Bantayan Island, which has one of the most gorgeous beaches in the country (and the world!).

The weekend was a blast, as usual. You know how it is when you meet up with your long time friends, right? Anytime you get together it’s pretty much all laughs and crazy antics. And we were all due for some much-needed girl time and beach fix, so it was a great vacay from our usual lives.

Anyway, now I shall ramble and share some photos, yeah? Fair warning: this post turned out suuuper long. ;)

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Not So Typical Weekend at the Beach (a.k.a. The Weekend I Got Engaged)

So last weekend, I was at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world–Boracay. Played some kickass ultimate, hung out with awesome friends, and, you know, GOT ENGAGED to my Carpet Head. Woot. ;)

First, a quick backstory. Carpet Head and I met sometime in 2008 because of ultimate. One of my teammates invited him to play and he became part of the team (he became team captain later on, by the way). In 2009, my team joined the annual Boracay Open for the first time. Apparently, I looked fabulous in my bikini because I caught his eye. Hah. We started going out after that and eventually became a couple.

The Proposal happened during one of our games in this year’s Boracay Open. Carpet Head conspired with most of our teammates plus some of the guys from the other team. They switched the game disc for a “special” one. Carpet Head made a scoring pass to me. One of our teammates told me to flip the disc over. Guess what was written at the back? Next thing I knew, Carpet Head was on his knee and we were surrounded by friends and spectators. Of course, I had to say yes!

Photo c/o JP

Yayyyyyyyyy!! That is all. :)

It’s my last year on the calendar, so they say.

Good Friday marked my 31st year on this earth. Yep, I just turned 31 last week. That means I am even more fabulous and I will soon rule the world! < insert evil laugh>
Okay, that’s it. Yeah, I don’t mind telling everyone I’m 31. It actually feels like a badge of honor because it means I’m old enough to laugh at the people in their twenties. Hah just kidding (half-kidding?). Anyway, I thank the Lord I have a good life. It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty good one. I have a loving family, an awesome man, awesome friends, awesome online friends, and awesome other-people. I’m doing something I love, working towards my dream, and learning every day. Everything’s just so cool. I am so thankful to Him, to everyone, and to YOU!

By the way, did you know this blog now has a Facebook page? Well, if you didn’t, now you do! This is the part where my 31-year-old self has no qualms about inviting you to LIKE my blog’s Facebook page.  Thanks, guys. Haha. Being 31 is awesome. ;P
So anyway, for my birthday, Carpet Head and I just had a one-night staycation at a swanky hotel. We basically just relaxed and chilled, went for a ten-minute dip in the aquarium pool, ordered room service, and had glorious full-body massages. It was just a super relaxing day. Carpet Head also surprised me with flowers and yummy dark chocolate cake. All in all it was a great way to celebrate my birthday.

That’s it. Yayyyyyy! How was your weekend? :)

Whoa, gedjits! (2011 version)

Aaaand for the third year in a row, Carpet Head surprised me with an early Christmas present! Last year, he gave me the coolest phone evar. The year before that he gave me my beloved Mini. This year, I got Paddy. Eeeek.

Paddy came with a pretty little case. Carpet Head also loaded it up with my favorite apps, including my favorite game right now, PvZ. I know, I’m a late bloomer. I’m still playing this game when everyone else has moved on to other games. Ahdontcareizfunnn.

I was a little unsure at first about the whole thing because it’s a pretty pricey toy, but then I realized that I can use it to read books! Yay! I still have credits left from that Amazon gift card I got a few months back. I used the gift card to buy Carpet Head his Christmas present but it still has about ten bucks left. Woohoo! Can’t wait to download cool books and start reading.

I can pretty much do all sorts of stuff on Paddy like check my emails and go on the net blah blah. I still need my Mini though for my writing work because I need Excel and Word for that. Oh well. Looks like beloved Paisley bag has a new tenant. Oh, joy!

Anyway, how lucky am I? Ahlavyu Carpet Head. You’re the best evarrr.

Girls Weekend Getaway: Boracay

Last Thursday was my last day in the office. I was excited about that, but I was more excited about the upcoming annual getaway with my girls. Last year we went to Cebu. This year we decided to go to Boracay! We were there from Friday to Monday. I’m too lazy to be wordy about the whole trip, so I’m just going to post a few pictures! :)

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Whoa, Gedjits!

Holy moly I have a brand spankin’ new phone! Carpet Head surprised me with an early Christmas present last weekend. LOVE! It’s an N8, which is only the latest of Nokia’s N-series. You know, no biggie. YEAH RIGHT. It’s so pretty…

Photos from the product site.

Touchscreen, HD video quality, 12MP camera, HDMI connection, Dolby Digital Plus technology, GPS navigation, cool apps, blah blah blah. So tech-eh. I’m still trying to get used to using a touch screen for typing messages. It’s kind of a pain, but the phone is amazing. Thank you, my Carpet Head! Hopefully, I’ll be able to maximize all its cool features, especially the 12MP cam. This blog needs REAL pictures!

Aside from the brand spankin’ new phone, I also got a couple of things to go with my HP Mini. Got an external CD/DVD drive/writer and a portable hard drive. The DVD drive’s a generic one from CD-R King – I don’t really need a fancy one. I got Carpet Head’s old portable hard drive of 160gb – I don’t really need a lot of memory – and paid him a minimal amount which contributed to a brand new 650gb drive for him. Yay! I love my new shiny and semi-shiny things! Our next project is to upgrade Mini’s RAM thingy. Woot.

7 years of WSP

In about three months it’ll be this silly blog’s 7th year of existence. Naks. Yep this blog has existed for that long, although for the first couple of years or so my posts were total nonsense. Oh wait, a lot of my posts are still nonsense now! Anyway, yay seven years of online ranting and raving! For that I will thank the one who introduced me to the world of blogging: Moonpool! Yayyyyy… I will honor you by posting our charming pictures…

All Hands conference, Khao Sarn, Bangkok, 2008

New World Hotel Makati, office market circle party, 2008

Joint Cluster Party, Christmas 2008. Dex not following instructions.

New World Hotel, office Christmas party 2008

SMX Pasay City, firm anniv 2009. Heyyy you’re smiling.

Girls Weekend Getaway: Cebu

I spent the last weekend laughing my head off and just having a blast with my best girls, my soul sisters from my hometown Cagayan de Oro a.k.a. CDO. We’ve been planning our girls’ weekend since last year and we’ve been counting down months and days. It was all we talked about in our emails and Facebook threads, and it was so great when it finally happened.

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