Second Look

Oh my gosh, we have THINGS! :P

Yay we are almost done with fixing our place. On the other side of this kitchen and dining showcase are our remaining stuff to be sorted and arranged. We still have our books and bags to display or store somewhere, and our old clothes and shoes to give away, but at least we’ve gotten rid of most of the clutter. And we shopped for groceries last night so at last we have FOOD! Yayyy we will liiiive!!

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A First Look

We piled all our crap in a container van and moved them to our new apartment! Yes! Well, actually, the movers did all the piling and lifting and moving and what not. We did the pre-move stuffing of aforementioned crap into suitcases, bags, paper bags, and boxes. It took us several hours to pack away all our things.  How could one room fit so much crap?!? LOL. Anyway, it was all good. It was a pain to sort and pack, but at least we are now staying in a place all to ourselves.  Yayyy…

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Apartment # 6

Well, technically it’s apartment number 4 since the first two places I’ve lived in here in Manila were dorms. OR is it apartment number 5 since the second one was a pseudo dorm? Hmm..

Anyhoo, yes, I am moving again! I mean, WE are moving. Sister and I have been apartment hunting since August last year and finally we’ve decided on an itty-bitty studio in Makati.  It’s in an old condo around Makati’s “fun” neighborhood. Okay, it’s pretty near the red light district, but that’s not really bad. The location is convenient akshully.  The building is old, but it seems to be well-maintained and well-secured.  The unit itself wasn’t in its best state when we first saw it, but it wasn’t anything a little paint and some handy-dandy-man work couldn’t fix!  The place is not big, but it’s enough for the two of us.  At least we’ll have a lil place to ourselves for practically the same price! We have a week before we move in because the condo admin peeps are still making the place “livable” again. Seriously, the place was sad when we first saw it. Apparently, the girl who used to rent the unit didn’t stay there much because her boyfriend lived in the same building. LOL chizmax courtesy of the building’s maintenance guy. Tsk.

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