The Odyssey: Every Man Is Legendary [Video]

One thing I really love about my job is that I discover a lot of creative campaigns and projects from around the world. I got another one for yah!

Remember back in September when I posted about Heineken’s Legends campaign? That campaign was all about finding out whether legends are born or made. They dropped off random guys in random parts of the world to find out what they’re made of when taken out of their comfort zone. I thought that was pretty cool, especially when they dropped off two Irish dudes on a beach in the Philippines! Lucky dudes.

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Are Legends Born or Made?

As a freelance writer I come across a lot of interesting things from tips, sources and websites I follow. Most of them are branding or marketing campaigns that are unlike anything I’ve seen and pretty much off the hook.

One of the latest cool things I’ve come across is Heineken’s Voyage campaign, where they try to find out what men are really made of when taken out of their regular lives and dropped off into the unknown. They find these random dudes from all over the world and then drop them off in a seemingly random location. Imagine getting dropped off in the middle of Alaska with nothing but a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket for home, and the airport is miles away. Holy legendary adventures, Batman!

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