Yoga Challenge and 28 Day Reset Challenge Report

All my February challenges officially ended last week and I’m happy to say I did  good. Woot!

My sister and I won “best journal” in the 30 day yoga challenge (hah!) and we each won one week unlimited passes. Yay! I also placed 3rd – tie with a fellow yogi – in the weight loss challenge for losing over 3 kilos! Not bad, eh? :)

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Mid-year review: I think I flunked.

We’re just a little over halfway through 2013 and all I can say is, “Bucket lists suck.” Hah. Okay, I’m feeling that way mostly because I haven’t accomplished anything on my bucket list. And I mean NOTHING. Same goes for my 2013 list. Zip. Nada. NOTHING. So much for to-do lists.

WELL. Clearly, I flunked the first half of the year since I crossed off nothing from any of my grand plans. Oh well. It’s not a total loss though. I did manage to get myself engaged. Hur hur. I also managed to create blog templates for my experimental blog Color It YOU and I’m actually quite happy with that. And I got a sorta regular writing gig with a cool website, so there’s that.

I don’t want to do another list because obviously I don’t get anywhere with them. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my lists. For now I think I’m just going to concentrate on getting more writing gigs, blogging more, getting through my review pile, and experimenting with blog design. I’ll be pretty busy with wedding preps, too, anyway. Hah. Excuses. ;)

Um, I’ve nothing else to say. How was your first half of the year? :)

March has come and I got zip.

The part where I rant about achieving nada in February. Nada!

How now, browncow? It is MARCH and I have yet to do shit. I mean, really do shit. I seem to have forgotten my bucket list. Well, kind of. Not totally. I’m just not making any real progress.

Okay, let’s see here. I got zip short stories. Zero personal essays. No creative writing pieces for my creative writing challenge. No completed article over at HOLY CRAP. I suck. I suck big time.

It’s been a month and all I have to show for are, one, an unexciting freelance journal (yeah, I write hastily in it everyday, but it feels somewhat lacking of something), and, two, sporadic days of Insanity workout sessions. At least I’m still reading books, but I feel like I can’t read them fast enough and I have around thirty books in my review pile. Thirty books! And most of them are from last year. HOLY CRAP.

I just feel like I’m running behind everything. Elp.. elp.. (Sometimes distress gives me a French accent.)

The second part of my ranting. Feeling melodramatic but kinda spiritual on some level. And hopeful. Always hopeful. Because I’m hopeless like that. Hopeless.

The past month hasn’t been too great when it comes to work. I haven’t had any big projects lately and I’ve been on something of a rollercoaster ride of emotions about the whole freelance thing again. Moolah has been hard to come by. I earn enough for rent money but I can’t dare spend on anything else.

I was excited about a few big job applications this month, but they didn’t pan out. Disappointing, but not enough to crush my spirit just yet. I know I will have many more rejections to come. It just sucks, that’s all.

I am so GRATEFUL for my existing partnerships with a few people who throw me a bone or two every once in a while. They have been a real blessing. Somehow, just when I think I’m doomed, they send work my way, enough for me to make rent every month. It’s divine intervention, I tell you. I know the powers that be are looking out for me and because of that I am grateful and still determined to “make it” it in this writing thing.

Ah, epiphany or something like it. Only smaller. And much more obvious. Also known as the part where I sing, “Ch-ch-changes..” in my head.

I know, I need to make some changes. And by changes, I mean my ass needs to be kicked. By me. I have to do something. I’ve been trying to do something for months and I keep thinking back to what worked for me when I was starting out–the first 30 day challenge. I need to do something just like it if only to get myself off my sorry butt.

So, first order of the self-ass-kicking court (yes there is such a thing). Go back to getting up around 7-ish AM everyday. I did it for 30 days before, I can do it again. Only this time I’m hoping to go beyond 30 days.

Second order, write at least 300 words everyday. I need to get to those writing to-do’s on my freakin’ list. I have to work on those short stories and personal essays. I need to write more meaningful posts on this blog and on my personal landing page. I need to work on creating a portfolio of published writing even if it’s just on my blog. I need to be more awesome. (Notice the word more? Hah.)

Third order, I will have to stop signing up on blog tours until my review pile has been reduced to zero. It’s hard, but I’ve started unsubscribing from some of the tour host mailing lists. Seeing tour invites in my inbox is just too much temptation to go nuts with blog tours.

Fourth order, get back to the Insanity workout or some other workout. Dammit.

Is this too much of a fitness goal? Hah. ;)

So, as usual, I have a gazillion plans in my head. 

A few days ago I read this awesome post about creating a portfolio even if you don’t have professional experience. It can be done, people. That is why I need to get more epic blog posts out there. They will be a great help as well when applying to job postings because employers always ask for links to previous work.

I need to come up with a 30-day blogging editorial plan of some sort so I can do everything I said I would do. I need to schedule in blog posts for WSP, blog posts for my landing site, personal essays (can either go on any of the two sites or offline), and short stories. The 30-day period is just a start.

I need to start working on my guest post queries. Guest blogging on other sites is another way of getting my name out there, plus I can add them to my portfolio.

I’ve been thinking of coming up with a more creative and structured way to do my book reviews. I was inspired by this book report style and I want to do something similar although I’ll probably just keep it simple and easy. We’ll see in my next review.

I’ve also decided to turn my Going Freelance series into a short ebook that people can download for free. Some of the series posts still get hits up to now and I thought I should put them all in one document to make it easier for people! I’ve somewhat started on this one but I need to do a lot of editing and updating to make them more relevant to what’s happening now.

So so so many things to do!

This is madness. I can do this.

How was your February? Got any big plans for March? Do tell! ;)

September and October Report

Hullo! Time for another two-month recap of my crazy I-quit-you-corporate-Imma-work-at-home-like-a-boss life. Yeahboy. So, um, here’s the deal, Sparky. There hasn’t been any major change to my current freelancing situation. HAH. I know, right? It’s crazy. It really is.

Anyway, let me go back to the little plans I had back in early September when I hit a teeny weeny bump on the road to freelance greatness. I didn’t really say it back then, but I found myself in a slump-ish type of condition. I was kind of in a what-am-doing-with-my-life state for a moment there.

I had some to-do’s back in September as an attempt to get back into my Dizzizit It’s Time To Fly mode.

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Oh hey, September!

Yep, it’s September, and I have yet to write report about July and August.

Here’s the thing. Nothing big work-related or freelancing-related happened over the last couple of months.

I went on a lot of trips (Japan, Dumaguete, Siquijor, and Palawan) and had loads of fun, but nothing too exciting or new happened with my freelancing thing. I mean, I still love my work and things are still pretty cool, but I let some things slide.

Things are pretty much the same with my current online work and with my blog.

I’m still doing cool stuff for NP. I’m still doing that fashion item product description gig. I’m still blogging. Well, I’ve gotten busier with blog tours and book reviews. Sometimes, I think my blog’s becoming too bookish, that’s why I’m trying to get in a couple of non-book related posts every week. I’m pretty much booked with blog tours until mid-October. Hah. Not for every single day though, so I have days for other posts. We’ll see how I do with that this month.

I should mention what I have neglected for the last couple of months. 

I’ve stopped doing my writing challenges. I said I would revive them, but I didn’t and I feel like crap for being lazy. I need to get on that ASAP!

I haven’t done anything resembling a good workout plan. I said I would, but I haven’t. I have ultimate, but I know that’s not enough. I need to get off my ass. I am so out of shape.

Last, but not least–in fact this is the most major of all my neglected shit–I haven’t done that big project plan I was supposed to do IN JULY! Holy crap I suck.

I need to regroup with, er, myself.

Here’s the plan of all plans:
  • Diversify and find one or two more freelance gigs
  • Do two non-book related blog posts every week
  • Start a new writing challenge
  • Go back to supercharging my mornings or do a daily workout/exercise related routine
  • Draft my major project plan
  • Go back to how it all started to remind myself why I’m doing this and where I want to go

Wish me luck.

The merry months of May and June

Hello, I wasn’t able to report on the fun and laughter (hur hur) that happened in May so I decided to just combine my update on May and June. I know, I’m getting lazy about these reports. But that’s because I am busy, right?  Ahaha. Erm. Okay. I want to make this as brief as possible. This is the part where you say, “So, what’s been happening, gurlfriend?” (Ugh. LOL.)

On freelance work stuff

What happened in May? Well, one of the most exciting and fun jobs I’ve ever had happened. I love my work at Novel Publicity. The work load depends on the clients (authors!) that come in and I feel lucky when there’s work to be done! Awesome boss lady handles the client interface most of the time, of course, and she just tells me about the stuff we have to do. As her assistant, my job includes looking for book bloggers and contacting them for reviews and promotional events. Fun, right? It doesn’t even feel like work most of the time. I get to check out blogs, meet bloggers, and meet authors and help them out with their books! Plus the NP team is just wonderful and very supportive of each other. Everyone is based in different places, but the virtual working environment is awesome. It’s been great.

I started letting go of my article writing jobs. Mainly because I wasn’t enjoying them as much. I had to outsource my last few assignments just to get them done. I won’t completely close myself to doing them though because you’ll never know when there’s a slack season with my NP work.

I still have that proofreading job and the fashion description writing stint although those two are pretty minor in terms of workload and pay.

I still need to work harder at managing my time. I feel like I can do so much more, but I’m just not managing my schedule better. GAH. Push! Push! Push!

On blogging and reading

I’m doing more book reviews and book tours on this blog. That means I’ve also been reading more! Yayyy. I’m still way behind my reading list, but at least I haven’t been slacking off.

I finally did that freelance writing series that I wanted to do earlier this year. I should do another one, but I don’t have a topic in mind just yet.

I also hosted my first giveaway, which helped me gain a few more followers (hah!) and led me to discover some awesome bloggers. I’m planning to hold another giveaway very soon.

I haven’t done any writing challenges, but I do feel that I have to at least do an easy one on my other blog just to keep it going. I’m not really sure what the heck I’m gonna do.

On exercise and health stuff and what not

I haven’t been supercharging my mornings although I still try to be up by 8 in the morning every day. Lately I’ve been sleeping at around 2 AM (since most of my work email action happen around midnight Manila time), so I tend to get up around nine or ten. It hasn’t been a problem actually. I don’t mind so much. I still play ultimate 2-3 times a week so I’m not exactly lethargic, but I do want to do some cardio and toning exercises. Maybe I should do another 30-day challenge in the morning just to get me off my ass and make me do some quick exercise stuff. Meh.

On big plans and major project things

In last month’s report, I mentioned a major project I’ve been contemplating on. I think it’s about time I seriously plan for it. Hopefully I’ll come up with a decent strategy this month. I’ve been making notes and what not, but I need to think about things–really think about things.

And that is it. Nothing really exciting, no?

I guess we’ll just see. :)