Watch eeeet: Stories I wish I had written [contains stuff about old movies]

There are times when you encounter a story that’s so trippy and interesting and totally something you dig, and you just can’t help but wish that you wrote that story or that you can write something as close to fantastic as that story. I mean, you know what I mean, right? It could be a book or a movie – anything really – that makes you wish you thought of it first.

I haven’t been much of a reader for the last year or so, so these fantastic stories I’m referring to are actually movies that I’ve seen in the last few months. Just a warning, this post may contain some spoilers so if you haven’t seen any of these films – do a quick scroll, hurry! – and don’t want to know what happens in these movies, I suggest you turn away from this post now. Turn away, friend, and save yourself from, er, spoilers about old movies. Amsorrehhh..

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About a Movie: Mockingjay Part 2

Carpet Head and I managed to go to the movies for two consecutive nights this week, thanks to the special holidays brought on by the APEC Summit. We watched Mockingjay Part 2 the first night and Spectre on the next. Woot. I was going to write about both movies, but I realized they deserve separate posts. So this one’s just about Mockingjay. Duh.

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Books to Movies: Safe Haven

31 Days Books to Movies Safe Haven

Safe Haven bookFirst, the basic info. The book Safe Haven was written by author Nicholas Sparks. The movie came out in 2013 and starred Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough, Cobie Smulders, and David Lyons.

What’s the story? A woman on the run finds herself in a small town and decides to stay a while. She finds a place to stay, gets a job as a waitress, and meets some of the townsfolk – including a tall handsome store owner and his two kids. Things seem to go pretty well until her past catches up with her.

Which one did I experience first? The movie, which I watched in the cinema with my sister. I didn’t even bother asking Carpet Head if he wanted to watch it with me. When I told him I was going out with my sister to watch it, he was just like, “Meh, okay. Have fun.” LOL.

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Rambling about Iron Man 3

I know, the movie’s been out for a while, but I had to post something movie-related again.

Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man NEVER. GETS. OLD.

Boom. That’s it. That’s my review of Iron Man 3 right there.

Right, so maybe I should say more. Okay, this is going to be very ‘rambly’ and probably chock-full of punctuation errors (em dash spree!) and ditzy expressions, so brace yourselves. No spoilers though, so no worries. You’ve seen the trailer, right?

So, the movie was pretty great. I think most people agree with that. Even those who haven’t seen it yet will agree to that. It was entertaining and funny and full of Robert Downey, Jr. goodness. If you didn’t like the movie, I don’t know, maybe it’s not your thing, that’s fine. Anyway, it was great, but I would just like to mention three things that always amazes me to bits everytime an Iron Man movie comes out.

Thing #1: Tony Stark’s genius blows your mind

I have never read the Marvel comics and I think I should, but then I still have those Batman comics to go through. You see, I’m kind of like that. I saw the awesomeness that was Dark Knight Rising and immediately decided that the comics should be my new bestfriends. Thanks to a friend I now have those ‘bestfriends’ waiting for me, but until now I haven’t even started reading them yet (sorry, friend!). So you know, maybe I should hold off on skipping merrily into the sunset with those Iron Man comics, yes?

Did I warn you about the rambling? I did. Just checking.

So anyway, as I was saying, I never read the Iron Man stuff so before the great RDJ–that’s Robert Downey, Jr. for those who aren’t ‘down’, haha ‘down’ with Robert Downey, get it? (you do)–brought Mr. Tony Stark, bestest smartest hunkiest most obnoxious man on the planet, to life, I didn’t really know anything about Tony Stark as a person. You know, his likes and dislikes and favorite color. Important stuff like that. No, seriously, I meant his personal motivations and the true extent of his genius. Well, some of that was covered in the previous Iron Man movies, but what really amazes me every time is the size of his freakin’ brain! TONY STARK IS REALLY REALLY SMART, DUDE! And that fact was hammered home once again in Iron Man 3. Who the hell creates an army of Iron Man suits?! Tony Stark, that’s who. Amazing.

Thing #2: RDJ’s Tony Stark is human

I specified that on purpose. I’m talking about the movie Tony Stark and not the comic book Tony Stark. I don’t know if there’s a difference, but I just wanted it to be clear that I’m referring to Robert Downey, Jr’s interpretation of Tony Stark. He’s cocky, obnoxious and selfish even, but he would go leaps for his friends and, well, to save the world. I especially liked that they referred to the “New York event” in this latest movie. I don’t know if I should say what that is, but I thought it was really cool how they tied it in. It was very amusing as well to see Tony Stark freak out. He does and it’s funny.

Thing #3: Awesome supporting characters are awesome

I loved Don Cheadle’s Colonel Rhodes. I loved Jon Favreau’s Happy. I loved Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian. I loved Rebecca Hall’s Maya. I adored Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin. Ty Simpkin’s Harley kid was too cute. Er, I’m not a Gwyneth Paltrow fan, but her Pepper Potts was cool, too. I have nothing but respect for these great actors. I think they all contributed to making the movie really entertaining. (See the cast here.)

By the way, I have no clue about the real Mandarin character in the comic books so I can’t compare that with the movie’s treatment of Mandarin. I just thought Ben Kingsley was awesome.

I need to conclude this post. 

So there. I thought the movie was very entertaining. I didn’t mind watching it twice–with my fiance the first time then with my sister the second time. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. AND PLEASE, stay until the end of the credits! This is a Marvel movie, people. They always have something at the end, remember? Both times I watched the movie people were leaving as soon as the credits started rolling. I wanted to call out to them and tell them to stay, but that would’ve been creepy and embarrassing.

Here, watch this video: Iron Man 3: Extended Look.

Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

I know it’s been a while since the movie adaptation of popular young adult novel Beautiful Creatures came out, but I’ve decided that this blog needs more movie posts. So doing movie reviews (or attempting to) is another not-so-shiny new item on my long long list of writing to-do’s (which is currently somewhat neglected, by the way, but we’ll talk about that another time).  Let’s get it on, shall we?

I haven’t read the book so this is obviously not going to be a book-to-movie post. Maybe I’ll come back to this if or when I’ve read the book. I’ve read mixed reviews about this one and I may pass on it, but I’m kind of curious about it, too. We shall see. Or not.

My absolute favorite thing about Beautiful Creatures was the movie trailer. I thought it was awesome. To be more precise, I thought the musical scoring was fantastic. It was appropriately haunting and it promised of something terrifying and powerful. After seeing that trailer a few times I was itching to watch this movie on the big screen. I wasn’t really expecting to like the story (again, because of the mixed reviews about the book), but I sure was expecting a lot of fun magic and exciting witchy action.

Anyway, look at the movie poster. Edgy dark leather and tulle ballgown for the win. I kind of like it. Not so much her makeup, but I guess it’s supposed to go with the whole dark theme. Emmy Rossum (leftmost) in this alluring lacy number is gorgeous as well. Of course, the rest of the cast looks good and they were great in the movie, too. It helps that most of them are award-winning or award-nominated actors.

So this movie had a great cast, but the story for me was okay, interesting, but not really mind blowing. You have Ethan the small town dude who dreams of a faceless girl. Then in comes new girl Lena, niece of town recluse Ravenwood (Jeremy Irons), who is unpopular in town because apparently their family is of the “evil kind.” Ethan is drawn to her and later realizes she’s the girl in his dreams. They become friends since Ethan refuses to leave her alone. Lena turns out to be a caster, which is a witch in layman’s terms, although they don’t really like that term. Lena reveals that on her 16th birthday her true nature will be claimed either by Light or Dark. There’s also a curse that goes way back and involves both Lena and Ethan. The movie is about them trying to find a way to break the curse and anticipating Lena’s claiming.

Like I said, the casting was great. Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis and Emma Thompson are pretty convincing no matter what movie they’re in so I can’t really say anything bad about them. I’m not a big fan of Emmy Rossum, but she was fabulous in this, too, and I think relative newcomers Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert were also great. I have no idea what their characters are supposed to be like since I’ve never read the book, but I think they wore their characters well. Alden looked convincing as Ethan, the cute boy who loved to read banned books and couldn’t wait to get out of the sleepy little town. I loved that Alice, who played Lena, had that subtle kind of beauty which I think fit her character.

For me the whole storyline is fine and interesting, but the movie felt like a novel that was turned into a movie. I mean, you know what I mean? I felt that there were things that could have been explained more or explored more. I wanted to know why casters wore exquisite gowns and suits when they’re inside their magical house or when they’re having a party with other casters. I know it’s silly, but I would have loved to know more about the nature of casters, their family, their relationship with seers, their history and why Lena had the potential to be one of the most powerful casters of all, but I guess stuff like that would have made the movie too long. (Yeah, I like backstories a lot.)

The magic scenes were fun though. I thought the “battle scene” at the end could have been amped up a little more, but I have to admit it was kinda cool how that played out.

Overall, the Beautiful Creatures movie was entertaining enough. I think it’s a good movie if you haven’t read the book. I’ve seen a few reviewers all up in arms about how terrible the movie is compared to the novel, but I really wouldn’t have a clue. I still think the trailer was more powerful. They should have used that awesome trailer song in the movie. I actually can’t remember if they did. Did they? No? What?

Have you seen this movie, read the book, or both? Dish!

Yes, it is absolutely vital that I post about Safe Haven.


It really is. Absolutely vital, I mean.

Yes, yes, I know I haven’t been posting much about movies and I feel awful, but really this post is just an excuse to talk about Safe Haven, the latest movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book. That Nick, you know. He’s damn good with making stories that make women like me feel warm and fuzzy and obsessed with cool soundtracks (huh?). Although I haven’t read most of your charming novels, I heart you, Nicholas Sparks, I do. But not as much as I heart Josh Duhamel. Yes. That man.

Here, let’s have a look at him and the gorgeous Julianne Hough in all their Safe Haven-esque glory.

I loved Julianne Hough’s look in this movie. Made me miss short hair again. Oh, did you know the lovely Cobie Smulders is in this movie, too?? Love her.

Holy crap these people are beautiful.

The story is beautiful, too, by the way. I’ve seen most of the Nicholas Sparks movies and I think this is right up there with best ones. A beautiful setting, complex characters, conflict, a cool twist, and of course a love story for the ages. I have to say, Nicholas Sparks can write some pretty cute stories sometimes. The movie soundtrack is really really nice, too, by the way.

Yeah, today I am a romantic.

Go watch it and let’s be swoony together.

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