Why HELLO there, feelings. (Thanks, Adele)

The other day I finally listened to Hello by Adele. It may not have been the best of ideas to do so at this time of the month, but I did anyway and it was glorious. Of course, I proceeded to binge-listen to my favorite songs of hers. Her voice is insane. Her talent is insane. Her eye makeup is insane (I want eeeet!). I love her.

Are you on Spotify? Let’s listen to her magical voice together.

Music Monday: Bullet Dumas

Bullet-Dumas-headshotMan, I had this post drafted up months ago, but didn’t have (or make) time to finish it. Well, lookie, it’s finally up.

So, have I told you about this guy yet? Wait, I did. I wrote about this guy back in 2012 right after I saw him perform live for the first time. Well, guess what? He released his first EP a few months ago! Say it with me, YAYYYY.

Everytime I see this guy, one scene plays in my mind and it has nothing to do with music. Back in 2012, I went with Carpet Head and Team Pilipinas to Singapore for the Singapore Ultimate Open. I had with me Carpet Head’s fancy schmancy DSL camera with the paparazzi lens attached, this huge and super heavy long lens thing. During one of the games, Bullet executed an awesome Callaghan point and I failed to capture the moment with my big ass high tech camera! Big camera-woman fail on my end. I haven’t forgotten that.

Anyway, back to Monsieur Bullet and his music. His single Pssst!  has been on the airwaves for some time now. His music is also on iTunes, Amplify, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. Check check checkitout.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSoundcloud | Bandcamp | iTunes

Okay, I was going to leave you with a Soundcloud player of one of his songs, but I couldn’t figure out how to embed the thing. Never mind! Go to Soundcloud and listen to some of Bullet’s music for FREE!

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Music Monday: Long Live Original Pinoy Music!

About time I post about music again on this wretched blog. And I have the perfect reason.

After a gazillion years, I finally experienced live music again last weekend. Last Sat, a bunch of us went to Conspiracy Garden Cafe to watch one of our disc friends, Bullet Dumas, ultimate player extraordinaire and musical genius (o ha?), perform with a bunch of other music geniuses. The awesomeness of these insanely talented people is just downright krayzay.

The event banner

When we arrived at Conspi, the group had already started playing and they were down to their last three or four songs. The music room was packed so we had to make do with a small table just outside the door. Of course no one stopped us from taking peeks from the doorway.

L-R: Jay Durias on keyboards, Bullet Dumas on vocals,
Mic Llave on guitar, Mlou Matute on percussion

Aha, lucky for you folks I remembered I had a snazzy HD camera on the gedjit that is my phone and was able to catch this 3-minute clip from the jamming session. Yay me.

Great music by these guys. After the jamming session, Mic and Bullet took turns playing for what was left of the crowd. Mic, by the way, has an EP out. It’s called Ambisyon (ambition) and you may want to check it out. It’s pretty nifty. Oh, they also shared the stage for a couple of songs or so. They played Warning by Incubus (Ah my former love Brandon Boyd, I missed you too.) and one of Bullet’s songs, Pre and Post (if I remember correctly).

And that’s it. Long live original Pinoy music.

To end this post, I leave you with one of Bullet’s tracks. Listen listen.

Have a great week ahead!

Inspiration Monday: MUSIC (A Guest Post)

Today’s Inspiration Monday is a guest post by Laura. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Let me first start off by saying that I love music as much as I love writing. They both contain words and these words contain many different emotions for people. Now pair the words with instruments and a soulful voice and the words take on a whole new life. I think we can all agree that there are songs that play and can bring you to tears or make you want to jump up and pretend you are Kevin Bacon from ‘Footloose’. So when I write, I always have music playing in my ears, whether it is Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Willie Nelson or DeadMau5. I need this music to feed me as I write. 

This brings me to earlier this week where I started off feeling productive and like a modern day William Shakespeare, I was riding high. Then out of nowhere that moment hits me and I realize my arch enemy has arrived. This typically occurs when I am seconds from face planting my keyboard and Aunt Jill’s, ‘You should have been a doctor’ bark from last family dinner, rings in my wordless, non-processing brain. I would like to call this arch enemy, ‘Writers Block’ and he is so great at making me feel uninspired and the least creative person on the planet. 
Once the darkness of Writers Block engulfs me, I do what most others do when they are feeling less than worthy, I jumped onto Facebook. There I stumbled across a lovely video that an excellent band named My Morning Jacket had posted. 
This mini doc like video is of an elderly man in a nursing home that hasn’t been very responsive or receptive to anything in his environment. That is until he is given an iPod of music with his favorites from his era. The silent and sad man’s eyes immediately light up and that’s when you know, he knows. Everything becomes all right in his world and he is taken back to a time when life was different. And this is when you know that after 6 minutes and 30 seconds of watching this, you will be inspired too. 

I realized that music doesn’t only inspire me while I am writing or trying to escape the clutches of Writers Block but just in my life. Watching this video made me want to download all the songs he was listening so I could further expand my music library. I wanted to soak up every ounce of happiness that came pouring from his soul. Music is moving and music should be enjoyed at all times. So throw on your favorite band and crank up the tunes, soak it all up and relish in the inspiration.
It’s amazing how much music can touch someone. I stumbled across this lovely video to prove my point. An excellent band, My Morning Jacket, posted this on their Facebook wall. Needless to say 6 minutes and 30 seconds later my love for music became so overwhelming clear. 
This is a guest post from Laura Backes, she enjoys writing about all kinds of subjects and also topics related to internet service providers in my area. You can reach her at: laurabackes8 @ gmail.com.
Have a great week, everyone! :) – Lei

Oh, Twilight.

Breaking Dawn Part 1, Yes, I watched it. You know you will, too. In fairy-ness, I think this was the most bearable of them Twilight movies. The three major characters were still their annoying selves, but I have to say I liked two things about the movie. No, make that three.
1. Numero uno? The detail on the back of Bella’s wedding dress. Seriously pretty. Sexy even. I didn’t particularly love the entire gown, but the back was exquisite. Apparently it was designed by Carolina Herrera and took six months to make. And guess what, uber die-hards can grab their own replicas. You can read about it here. Oh, joy.

2. The movie had a pretty cool soundtrack. I don’t remember much about the previous movies’ soundtracks. I only remember Decode by Paramore. Anyway, in this latest installment there were a couple of lovely songs playing in the background while Bella did some emo close-ups and stuff. Made it all worthwhile. Kudos to the musical scoring folks. Good job. I found the full track list on MTV.com. I only know one artist on this list though (nges hu?). Holy crap, I need to musically educate myself.
The track list:

  • The Joy Formidable, “Endtapes”
  • Angus & Julia Stone, “Love Will Take You”
  • Bruno Mars, “It Will Rain”
  • Sleeping at Last, “Turning Page”
  • The Features, “From Now On”
  • Christina Perri, “A Thousand Years”
  • Theophilus London, “Neighbors”
  • The Belle Brigade, “I Didn’t Mean It”
  • Noisettes, “Sister Rosetta (2011 Version)”
  • Cider Sky, “Northern Lights”
  • Iron & Wine, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)”
  • Imperial Mammoth, “Requiem on Water”
  • Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz, “Cold”
  • Mia Maestro, “Llovera”
  • Carter Burwell, “Love Death Rebirth”

3. And the third thing I liked about the movie? Seth Clearwater. He’s the cutest wolf boy of all. That is all.

Have you seen the movie yet? Any plans of watching?

Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera Live in Manila

Yes, we watched the man himself perform live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. He was, of course, with his “brother by choice” Toca Rivera. Can’t say anything else except that they were awesome. They looked like they were just jamming and having fun up there. Jason Mraz sounds EXACTLY the way he sounds on his records. Pure awesome. I can’t say it enough. You know he’s awesome, right? 
They played most of his popular songs like The Dynamo of Volition, Beautiful Mess, Live High, You and I Both, The Remedy, Butterfly, and Lucky, which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Seriously. He’s really good, that Jason, Jase, J-Mraz. They also played some really good songs that I wasn’t so familiar with. They ended with I’m Yours, which, of course, made the crowd (us included) go ballistic. I’m pretty glad Carpet Head has all his albums and that he plays them nonstop all the time ’cause I was able to yell and mumble along during most of the concert. Carpet Head and I took turns capturing some of the songs on video using our phones so I have recorded evidence of me mumbling lines and then yelling out at the chorus. Hah.
With my date. Yihee. 
Ack, red eyes!

Our view from our Patron Section 114 seats wasn’t bad, wasn’t bad at all. But next time we thought we’d go for somewhere in the center Lower or Upper Box. Those seats are right smack in the way of the sound waves from the stage. Yeah.
Right before Jason and Toca ended the concert, Jason yelled, “See you in 2012!” The people went wild again at this. Who wouldn’t?! I do hope he comes back and I hope he brings his whole band, strings and horns included, with him! That would be AWE – wait for it – SOME.