So, I got married early this year.

Five days into the new year, I married Carpet Head (a.k.a. the boyfriend or the fiance, now the hubby!) in a beautiful garden wedding, surrounded by nature and our family and friends. Woot.

Everything turned out more beautiful than I expected! I really have no words.

Of course, we had great help from our suppliers:

Fess Up Friday: I’m stressing about wedding preps in my head

What is my dream wedding? I honestly can’t remember what I pictured in my head about my wedding when I was a young girl. I mean, most girls had that fantasy, right? I know I had some sort of “dream wedding” scenario in my head, but I can’t seem to remember the details.

Why am I asking? Because I’m starting to stress about wedding preps in my head. Just in my head. I have a million thoughts in my head all the time. They’re mostly about the wedding colors, the mood, the theme. I always thought the THEME encompassed everything. Apparently, you have to determine the MOOD, too. I was like, uh, we’re having a garden wedding. What’s the theme? What’s the mood? Uh, garden wedding? Eep. Anyway, the caterer who also happens to do event styling kinda cleared that up for us, so now we have to create a mood board of some sort. I have tons of pictures from the net, but they’re all just stuff that I find nice and pretty. I don’t seek out anything specific or look for burlap table runner wedding stuff like those in the vintage or country themed weddings I’ve seen on the net. I need to put together something that would show our personalities!

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Baby steps towards bride mode

Last week it has begun. I have started to get time-sucked into wedding websites and wedding pinboards. I’ve been looking at dresses randomly in the last few weeks, but this time I’ve actually created my own wedding-themed pinboard and I’ve been browsing through the galleries of this really cute wedding website. Yeahboy bride mode on.

Awesome, right? Well, I’m just looking around for dress ideas and other cute wedding concepts. I haven’t checked out anything exercise-related, so I’m not going to go buy yoga mats or exercise stuff any time soon. I will go back to Insanity though. Gotta finish that sh*t and be toned for the big day. LOL.

Any great wedding websites I should check out?

Not So Typical Weekend at the Beach (a.k.a. The Weekend I Got Engaged)

So last weekend, I was at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world–Boracay. Played some kickass ultimate, hung out with awesome friends, and, you know, GOT ENGAGED to my Carpet Head. Woot. ;)

First, a quick backstory. Carpet Head and I met sometime in 2008 because of ultimate. One of my teammates invited him to play and he became part of the team (he became team captain later on, by the way). In 2009, my team joined the annual Boracay Open for the first time. Apparently, I looked fabulous in my bikini because I caught his eye. Hah. We started going out after that and eventually became a couple.

The Proposal happened during one of our games in this year’s Boracay Open. Carpet Head conspired with most of our teammates plus some of the guys from the other team. They switched the game disc for a “special” one. Carpet Head made a scoring pass to me. One of our teammates told me to flip the disc over. Guess what was written at the back? Next thing I knew, Carpet Head was on his knee and we were surrounded by friends and spectators. Of course, I had to say yes!

Yayyyyyyyyy!! That is all. :)