A partial bucket list

Since we’re been talking about bucket lists all week, I thought I should start writing down my own. Many of the things are inspired by the book A Writer’s Bucket List and most of the things on my list are more like “what I want to accomplish this year” kind of stuff than “things I want to do before I die” kind of stuff, but what the heck. A list is a list and I think it’s always healthy to have a list of small goals or plans for any time and any where.

This is just a partial list, okay? :)

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The Bucket List Challenge: What will you cross off your bucket list in 2013?

Welcome to The Bucket List Challenge! Yayyyyy. The challenge only has one simple rule. Answer the question: What will I cross off my bucket list in 2013?

Okay, I haven’t really sat down and thought about my bucket list, but there are a couple of things that I already know I want to cross off this year. Wait, make that three things that I MUST cross off this year.

The first one is related to writing, the second is related to health, and the third is related to my other obsession hobby: blog customization. Read on about the top 3 (for now) on my bucket list. And if you haven’t yet, enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of A Writer’s Bucket List!

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A New Year Means A New List!

Happy new year, friends! How was your new year celebration? Fun and injury-free, I hope? Did you party too hard or too little? ;P

I don’t know if you guys believe in new year’s resolutions. I like to think of them more as plans and to-do lists, and Day 1 of 365 days of new beginnings is as good a time as any to kick off a new list!

Ho hoh! I am resurrecting THE LISTS I don’t even know why I stopped doing this. Anyway, it’s a brand new year and I have TONS to do. I really am praying that this year I will have more discipline to stick to my plans. I need to get my freelance career going! No more sitting around doing unproductive things! My rent and travel plans depend on it! Haaah.

And so let’s go to my 2013 list, version 1 (mwahahaha)..

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Of 30-day challenges and inspirational people on the net

30 Day Challenges

They say 30 day challenges can help you form a habit. I’m counting on this little pearl of wisdom to help me get my crap together. I decided to focus first on getting my work schedule and writing groove in order before I try anything remotely wild (like that infamous Insanity workout). That’s why I’m doing a two-part 30-day challenge for #2 and #3 of my First Five for 2012.

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And so we count down to Plan B

Folks, I quit my job. There I said it.  Consider this the official announcement. Hah. I filed my notice early last week. Anyway, so there. By the end of August, I will be jobless. Hah. I have been thinking of upping and going for the last year or so but just couldn’t do it because I didn’t have another job waiting in the wings. This time, I’ve decided leaving is still the best move for me even without the shiny new job. Why stay when you’re clearly ready to move on, right? It was just a decision I had to make. [cue motivational music]

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