I’m a sucky blogger, but check out these cool things!


I really do suck as a blogger. Earlier this year I said I would roll out an updated version of my Going Freelance series and I haven’t done it. GAH. I’m really sorry about that, folks. I do intend to update that thing this year, but I just haven’t been in an “updating” mood for the past few weeks. In fact, I haven’t been in a “writing” mood for the past few MONTHS, which means I’ve been ridiculously unproductive work-wise. I haven’t been reading much either. I read a few books in January, but only read one in Feb and I am now behind my monthly reading goal of two books plus a classic. Yes, I’m a sucky reader, too.

And that’s not all. I haven’t played ultimate in months! I have this crazy eye thing right now. My left eye basically has limited movement and it causes me to have double vision when I look to my left. It’s crazy and it’s being treated and all that, but I haven’t been playing ultimate because I’d be totally useless on the field with this sucky vision thing.

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March has come and I got zip.

The part where I rant about achieving nada in February. Nada!

How now, browncow? It is MARCH and I have yet to do shit. I mean, really do shit. I seem to have forgotten my bucket list. Well, kind of. Not totally. I’m just not making any real progress.

Okay, let’s see here. I got zip short stories. Zero personal essays. No creative writing pieces for my creative writing challenge. No completed article over at Words.ph. HOLY CRAP. I suck. I suck big time.

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Planners are wasted on me. Therefore, I want one. (With bonus rambling at the end of this post. YAY.)

Lookit these lovely paper things c/o Fullybooked!

Fullybooked had this cool post on their blog about five different types of planners for different people and it made me want a planner. Now, I have never kept a planner. Or rather, I have never used one for its purpose. I’ve made several attempts to maintain one back in college and when I was still working for the feeerm. In college, instead of filling out the dated pages of planner things, I ended up writing down my schedule or notes at the back of class handouts which I stuffed in my binder. When I was at my old job, planners that I received as tokens or gifts gathered dust in my filing cabinet. I was content to use the calendar on my phone or the firm-issued notebook for noting down meetings.

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Of books, new jobs, ultimate frisbee, and other things

You guys remember the Budweiser TV ad? Pretty cool, right? Anyway, just felt like rambling on over here. I’m falling behind my “two non book related posts a week” thing so I wanted to do a quick update plus there are a few things I’m totally excited about and I just wanted to share my little bits of “happy” with you guys!

Reading like crazy

Before anything else I just want to give you my excuse for failing all my grand blogging and writing plans. Here it is. I’m trying to go through my review list before the year ends so I’ve been reading like crazy. I have 16 books on my list for this year. Yeahboy. I know. Definitely ambitious for me, but I bit off more than I can chew so now I’m scrambling like crazy. Haven’t joined any blog tour I liked unless it’s scheduled for next year. That means I’ll probably be in trouble next year. Woohoo! Good luck to me!

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