Time for a Mid-Year Check!

I’ve been pretty chill about my goals this year because I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I think I became too chill about it though. I had about nine things on my 2018 list but I can honestly say I’ve only been somewhat true to three* of them. And I say “somewhat true” because I feel like I’m only hitting the minimum with those three goals.

When June came around I was feeling pretty blah about doing a mid-year check because, you know, I’ve nothing much to show. Then I joined the Respark Challenge by Arriane Serafico of The Purposeful Creative. Respark was a 5-day challenge to help participants get the spark back into their goals and motivation. I did all challenges and though I did feel like they helped a lot, I still haven’t done anything more to really jumpstart my goals again. Insert huge sigh here. Yup, looks like I’m still pretty chill about my goals. Hah.

So I thought, maybe doing this mid-year check will help turn the spark into a bit of a flame, yeah? You know, accountability and all that. Bahaha. Anyway, here goes.

The usual things on my 2018 list

Continue with my knee strengthening exercises – Yeahhh, nope. Didn’t do a single workout, but I need to start this up right away. Gah.

*Practice #yogaeverydamnday – I haven’t been able to practice everyday, but I’ve been attending classes at least three times a week so that’s a good thing, methinks. I’m still aiming to start a home practice, so I don’t have to always rely on classes at the studio.

*Eat healthy – I’ve really been trying my best to do this, so I’m counting this as part of my “somewhat” wins. I have to keep working on it, of course, and be even more mindful of what I eat.

Practice daily meditation and learn more about self-healing – Haven’t really done this. I downloaded an app some months back but never even opened it. I’d like to think I meditated a few times before or during yoga, but I’d really like to actually spend a few minutes each day to meditate. And about the learning about self-healing part – I know I have to read up on it but I’ve been in a serious reading slump for a while now and have a hard time picking up any book.

My  personal projects

Read two books a month – I’ve read a total of two new books! Yay. LOL. I’ve also re-read three favorites in the hopes of getting out of my reading slump. I honestly have no idea how I’ll do with my reading challenge this year. *cry*

Finish a new #100dayproject – Haven’t started a new project but I already have a topic in mind. I just need to flesh it out some more cos I’m still not sure what my daily task would be with this new topic. It’s geared towards NaNoWriMo, which I’ve decided to join again.

*Start a gratitude journal – I’ve been doing this! Fine, I miss a few days or weeks sometimes but I do write down stuff whenever I remember. It’s a nice thing actually. Helps me remember what to be grateful for when I’m feeling stressed or down about something.

Restart my language lessons on Duolingo – I’ve completely neglected my Spanish and Japanese lessons! Hah. I may need to start over sometime this month. Or next month. Bahaha.

Finally learn how to use my sewing machine – My list of sewing projects is growing and I still haven’t attempted to study my “new” old sewing machine. Hahahuhu.

And there you have it.

I realize these are somewhat sad updates on the first half of the year, but at least I have my three “somewhat” wins, right? I know I just have to do better. I know I can hit more of these if I would just get off my ass to try. Hah. Reality is, I have no discipline and motivation to manage my time better so that I can do more. I really just have to do better.

How’s your year so far?