Guest Post: Personal Development by Kirrilee Johnston of Illumin8life

Today we have a post from Kirrilee Johnston of Illumin8life. Kirrilee was on last month’s Sponsor Spotlight and in today’s post she talks about what personal development means for her. 


Personal Development

For many, Personal Development is the new buzz word, the new kid on the block, heralding the arrival of self help Guru’s and their cliches and words of wisdom, but for me Personal Development is a means in which to develop myself in any way I choose…personally.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Illumin8life

Hey everyone! Meet Kirrilee, who runs Illumin8life. Kirrilee helps others set up their own home-based business. Read more about Kirrilee and Illumin8life below. :)

About Kirrilee and Illumin8life

Hello! My name is Kirrilee, after being in traditional business for myself; working long physical hours I came to realise there must be a better way, a way for me to work smarter and not harder in order to build financial success and long term wealth. I was tired of long hours and the physicality of my work so I did some research and came across an amazing alternative to traditional business, an opportunity that I just could not pass up!

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