It’s Friday I’m in Love!

What’s happening, friends? I’ve nothing much today. That seems to be getting more frequent, eh? Well, I’m still trying to back into blogging like I used to by blogging as much as I can, even if it’s just promotions for a cool new book that I wish I can review but have no time to at the moment or if it’s just random ramblings.

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Monday Musings: I need more girly stuff

The week before last, I went to the alumni homecoming at my old firm and I had to borrow my sister’s pants and long cardigan. I also had to dig up some old black office flats because I didn’t have anything else to wear. Sister dear has some gorgeous wedges and pumps, but unfortunately my feet are a size larger than hers. Sadness.

Seriously, I need more girly stuff in my closet. Sure, I have some really cool tanks and graphic tees that I usually wear with cute shorts and my sister’s cool cargo skirt (which I luuurve to death), but I need a few pieces that I can wear to slightly more formal or ‘dressed up’ occasions. I can’t really wear my graphic tees all the time, you know. I need a cute blouse or a nice dress so that I won’t look underdressed at these pseudo fancypants events.

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Travel hacking, location rebels, and other new words I learned this week

I spent most of the week reading about people who quit their 9-5 jobs, packed their stuff and became travel hackers and location independent self-sufficient people. Really interesting and inspiring stuff. Really distracting, too. I haven’t been so focused on work this week. I really should do more if I want to get more monies. I mean, I gotta remember that I’m on a no work-no pay thing here. I have ongoing jobs but I haven’t finished them yet and I’m nearing the deadline. GAH.

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Funky Things Thursday!

Tonight, we’re flying off to CDO, a.k.a. home sweet home, and then going up to Malaybalay, Bukidnon for the Love Ultimate Tournament. Woohoo. But before I do that, I leave you with cool tees and cool stuff. Woohoo.

Sad T-Rex T-Shirt (Loops and Pluto): “If ur happy & u know it clap your… oh.” HAH awesome! I really do love t-rexes. Reminds me of this adorable t-rex.

Toilet Shot Glasses (Busted Tees): Sooo if you use this, you can all pretend you’re doing pee shots? HAH. So cool, though. So cool.

The Lord of the Rings Minifigs (The Fancy): LOTR FTW! I actually want these things just so I could recreate scenes from the trilogy. That would be so cool. And so geeky.

And that’s it. Til next week!

Of new year’s eve movie marathons and a new online find

New Year’s Eve movie marathons

I’m not sure when it started, but for a few years now, a movie marathon has become a new year’s eve/day thing at our house. We’ve had The Lord of the Rings running consistently now. On some years, we threw in a couple of the Starwars flicks when LOTR was done. We usually start any time between the day before new year’s eve or on the day itself or right after the midnight celebration. This year I started it early just because. Watched it a few days ago. LOTR still rocks after all these years.

“But the fat hobbit, he knowsss…”

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"Eating chips alone on the couch" a.k.a. "NO REGRETS, B*TCHES!"

Since I already did T-Shirt Thursday yesterday (which was Wednesday but that doesn’t matter coz T-Shirt Thursday can fall on any other day I want and it will still have Thursday in its name even though it’s a different day and if you’re still reading this very long sentence, WOW.), I’ll just share today’s episode of Dinosaur Comics:

I also want to share this Harry Potter fanfiction piece from today’s episode of Questionable Content – check it out: Hermione and Ginny versus the Space Wizards. Read it! Read it! READ IT!

Fun webcomics are love.

A Notebook for Artists and Doodlers

I was killing time at Fullybooked in the Powerplant Mall yesterday. I swear, I’d live there or in the BHS branch if I could. I browsed through the shelves and handled the pretty books that caught my attention, but I ended up taking my precious time in the school and office knick knacks section. Notebooks and journals galore! Oh, LOVE. I love notebooks, but I stop myself from buying stuff I don’t really need. I still have a couple of little notebooks I haven’t really used much. I used to bring one of them, but it made my bag too heavy. I miss doodling on notebooks. :S

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