T-Shirt Thursday!

It's t-shirt Thursday!

I haven’t done T-Shirt Thursday in a loooong time and frankly I miss it! So here’s a quick one.

I Love You This Much  (Threadless), design by Jonathan Dockery. Look at that kitty cat! Who wouldn’t wanna hug that little cutie? Kitty cat looks kinda creepy, but still adorable. Reminds me of the cheshire cat and the smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.

No Wi-Fi (Threadless) // Design by Trevor Ede: This is me – most of the time – whenever our blasted internet connection gets wonky. Only I’m holding my iPad and not a physical book. Sometimes, though, I just sit there and lament our crappy internet. Waah.

Mordor Fun Run (SnorgTees): Any tee with an LOTR print is love! This one comes with the tagline: “There and back again, a fun run story.” Haha. Hmm, this is making me want to watch the first movie.

T-Rex Moon (SnorgTees): I want this shirt. I want that ice cream. And I want her hair. I’ve actually been missing my long hair these days even though I never wear it like that. It’s always in a ponytail. But I miss my long hair and I still want that ice cream.

Skull Bolt (DesignbyHumans) // Design by Rachel Caldwell: I just really love skull graphic tees. This one’s pretty cool. I want it.

I write the lamest descriptions.

That is all.

T-Shirt Thursday!

It's t-shirt Thursday!

Woohoo, T-Shirt Thursdays are back! Rather, I finally made time to browse for graphic tees YAY. I haven’t been looking at tees for a while and I think it’s because I tell myself I need more girly stuff (read: dresses and nice blouses) and don’t need any more t-shirts. Not that I buy these things a lot, but looking at them and knowing I can’t or shouldn’t makes me cry. Hah. Anyway, I realized I can have more girly stuff AND more t-shirts, too. I just need to allocate my moolah carefully, right? AMIRITE? (Why do they spell it that way, by the way?)

Enough blabbering. On to the graphic tees!

Meow by Elena Arkhipova (Threadless): A single meow can mean so much more. Haha. “Feed me all the fishies in the world, human.”

Ghost Bulb by Luis Romero (Threadless): This is just adorable actually. Look at all the adorable ghost faces. Plus this shirt glows in the dark! Woooo scary.

Pocket Toothless by Tabners (Design by Humans): An itty bitty tiny Toothless in your pocket all day every day? Yes please.

Psychic Psychedelic Trippy Cat by Biotwist (Design By Humans): Really, who doesn’t love psychedelic trippy cats?? Kitty cats are luuuurve.

We Are Groot (Design By Humans): Seen the most awesomest movie yet? Don’t tell me that “We are Groot” scene didn’t bring tears to your eyes? Groot is the best evur. (Also, this lady is rockin’ gorgeous hair.)

Cleopatra by BrianMViveros (Design By Humans): This print. She is badass. I love this shirt just because. I love the blood red rose and the smoky eyes. The cigarette and the bullets not so much, but they do make this quite striking. I want eeeet.

The end. For now.

T-Shirt Thursday!

It's t-shirt Thursday!

Well, well, well.  What do we have here? Kitty cats! Kitty cats everywheres! I’m going to say it now, I want all of these, but the first one is my favorite out of this bunch. It’s just the cutest ever.

Clamber Up by Yanmos (DesignByHumans)

10 Cats & A Mouse by ADAMLAWLESS (DesignByHumans)

Purrfect Roadtrip by Nicholas Tankersley (Threadless)

Furr Division by Tobe Fonseca (Threadless)

Witty Kitty (Loops & Pluto)

T-Shirt Thursday!

It's t-shirt Thursday!

Yay for awesome art! Yay for awesome graphics! Yay for awesome girly curly hair! Yay for awesome rose tats! Yay for Thursdays!

Natural Beauty by Megan Lara (DesignByHumans): I just found this print really gorgeous. I want her hair huhu.

Find The Killer (DesignByHumans): Seriously, look for the killer, quick! Hurry!

Art & Meow by Elly Liyana (Threadless): Okay, this shirt is cool and all, but I really just have a crush on this girl’s rose tattoo. Gorgeous.

Pocat by Tobe Fonseca (Threadless): Eeep! Adorbs! I want my own pocket kitty cat.

Rockat by Draco (Threadless): From a cute kitty cat to a cool kitty cat! Yeah, he’s rockin’ it.


T-Shirt Thursday!

I saw this Mr. Darcy shirt on my Facebook newsfeed and I just had to share it. I’m not particularly in love with Mr. Darcy but I love the book enough to appreciate this cute tee. I would wear this in baby pink. Anway, on to T-Shirt Thursday! On!

Waiting For Mr. Darcy (Skreened): For Jane Austen fans everywhere!

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This (Threadless): I don’t know why but I love this shirt! Makes me think of the Mysterious Benedict series for some reason.

Hairspray (Threadless): I love the hair thing going on this shirt. Loooove.

Panda & Friends (Design by Humans): Where’s Panda? LOL.

T-Shirt Thursday!

Wow, it’s been a while since our last T-Shirt Thursday. Not to say I haven’t seen some awesome tees since then, but I was just too lazy to do a post. Today — well, not exactly today because this post was scheduled (evil laugh) — I scoured my favorite t-shirt haunts and found a few pretties that caught my eye.

Step Aside Coffee, This Is A Job For Alcohol (SnorgTees): We all have those days, don’t we. Although personally I’m good with just coffee most of the time.

Lucky Cat Pirate (Threadless): Arrrr!!! This cat should have a hook-paw.

Pushing Daisies (Threadless): Skulls with flowers are always kinda awesome, methinks.

Lady Fox (Threadless): Purty. I want that hat, too.

OMg! (SnorgTees): Has anyone made an erhmagerd tee yet?

Seen any t-shirt pretties lately?

T-Shirt Thursday!

Akshully, it’s T-Shirt and Hoodie Thursday!! Yayyyyyy.

The Seasons (Threadless): Yayyy more Game of Thrones inspired stuff. I’m on book four of this mind-blowing epic series. George R.R. Martin is da man.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Threadless): I like this. That is all.

In Dog Beers I’ve Only Had One (Loops and Pluto): Yep, and it’s off to the alcohol detox treatment center with you!

A House Full of Ninjas (Threadless): Awww look at all those adorable ninjas doing adorable ninja things in little ninja ways.

Oh wow, just four shirts this time.

I’m losing my touch.

T-Shirt Thursday!

Most of these aren’t new, but they’re cute anyway. Yeahboy.

Halfling and Wizard (Threadless): Woohoo! Wish I can wear this when I watch The Hobbit.

Inventory (Threadless): Weapons of coolness!

Head Arnold (BustedTees): I don’t really watch this toon, but this shirt’s nice.

Awwwsassin (SnorgTees): Aww. The last face you see before you die by ninja assassin.

T-Shirt Thursday on a Monday!

Yes, T-Shirt Thursdays are back! Woohoo. This was supposed to go up, er, last Thursday, but then I already had posts scheduled so I had to move this super awesome post to today. I know, weird, but still, YAY for cool tees! What better way to greet the week than with these cute I-wanna-hug-you-and-squeeze-you-and-call-you-George* tees.

The Teddy Bear Picnic by Alison Acton, Threadless: Zombie teddies, anyone? Would you really run away if zombie teddy bears were after you?

Jack-O-Full Moon by Marvin Pedro, Threadless: It’s Jack the pumpkin king! Who doesn’t love The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Retro Villains by Cristofer Bernabe-Sanchez, Threadless: “The part of Al will be played by a tall dark and sinister ugly man,” says the Genie. Sigh. I heart Disney.

Curse of the Care Were by Sean Anton Husbands, Threadless: Care Were stare?? I think just the mere sight of a care were would scare the bad guys.

Tea Rex, SnorgTees: Tea Rex is a polite and proper rex. Wait, can he even drink from his teacup? OH NOESSSS!!

*Anybody know from which cartoon this line came from? ;)