Happy New Year, Friends!

I haven’t blogged for realz in months, but I feel like I should kick off the new year with a new post. The past year was a big one – having kicked it off by getting hitched – and I think this new one is going to be big as well. I was thinking of doing the usual ‘year in review’ and then my list for 2015, but I think I’ll just keep it simple this time.

About 2014

So, I got married one year ago and life has never been the same. I know that’s such a cliche but it is what it is and it seems the past year was spent adjusting to a whole new life!

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Whoa, 2012! Hey, 2013!

I’m thinking things will slow down a bit on this blog in the next couple of weeks since we’re all celebrating the holidays and all, so I want to take this time to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Rockin’ New Year!

I also want to take this time to do a recap of 2012. It has been one helluva rollercoaster ride.

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