Yay it’s T-Shirt Thursday!

It's t-shirt Thursday!

Oh yay I have a new T-Shirt Thursday post! It’s been a while coz I’ve been busy.


I’ve been a lazy blogger as always, that’s what. This blog has gotten so boring, I swear. I’m getting so frustrated over this reading and blogging rut, but I’m really really trying to get this blog back to how it was before. You know, more personal and fun (for me, anyway). I mean, sure I love posting about the books that catch my attention, but I also want to post more about other things, like stuff I find interesting or about what’s been happening in my life. Yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway highway, I gotta think and work on that for a bit. Now lemme attempt to entertain you with my graphic tee picks of the week! YAYYY.

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T-Shirt Thursday: “Six or more things of one thing” designs

It's t-shirt Thursday!

It’s Thursday so I’m doing another rundown of the graphic tees that I’m loving this week! Yayyy. It really is super fun to browse. This week’s theme is “six or more things of one thing” which basically just means the t-shirt designs feature different types of one thing or something like that. Yayyy!

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T-Shirt Thursday: Adorable Animals Edition!

It's t-shirt Thursday!

Yay t-shirts featuring animals! No need for more intro words, right? Check out what caught my eye this week! Yayyyy… ;)

Dogtor by Joel Robinson (Threadless): Eeeep! It’s a dogtor!

Catffeinated by Casandra Ng (Threadless): Look at those eyes! I love coffee and I avoid drinking it at night, but it rarely keeps me awake like this anymore. Unless it’s really strong coffee.

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T-Shirt Thursday Special: Katie Campbell’s MADE Collection

What’s the best Twitter DM you’ve ever received? This one’s mine.

I mean, holy crap, right? Winning an entire MADE Collection by Katie Campbell? Pretty awesome. I’ve been craving some new tees and this was just a great gift from the universe. ;)

I got this direct message about a couple of months ago and the tees are finally here! I gave some to Carpet Head (requested a few select designs in his size) and some to sister dear, who also happens to wear the same size tee as me, so YAY! As they say, sharing is loving. Haha.

You can check out all of the designs here. Below are some of my favorites from the bunch. Which one’s your favorite? :)

Pushing Daisies

I’m Out of Your Leagues

Hang In There

Real Unicorns Wear Pink

We Are Here

T-Shirt Thursday: my Threadless shirts arrived after all!

Apparently, my last order from Threadless did not get “lost in transit” after all. They actually made it to the local post office. Hurray! Of course, it took a while, but at least they arrived in good condition. I only found out the other day that they arrived when my sister and I decided to check our mailbox. There were two notices from the post office. One was dated September and the other one was a second notice. So they already had my package since last month. Note to self: check mailbox regularly.

Storytellers. This shirt is so cute. Books!

Mr. Tee. Nice, eh

Popculture. Cute.

My Other Ride is a Light Cycle.  Tried taking a photo in the dark to show its glow-in-the-dark design, but it was a failure. Haha.

I’m mighty glad these shirts made it, but next time I think I’ll use a different route. I heard JohnnyAir’s pretty nifty. Haven’t tried their services yet, but I’ve read good reviews. I don’t want to wait ages for my packages. Tsk.

Oh, hey! Shirts! Yayyyyyyy.