This week’s pasta adventures. Or not.

tuna pasta

Can you eat pasta forĀ lunch for four days in a row? Well, apparently I can.

So, we Filipinos love to eat rice inĀ almost every meal, right? I’m home all day, left to my own devices, so sometimes I do cook rice and sometimes I don’t (usually when I’m too lazy to thaw something from the freezer). Anyway, we ran out of rice and didn’t have time to hit the supermarket. I really don’t get out much on weekdays ’cause I’m supposed to be workin’ at home like a good work-at-home person (hah!). Luckily, I bought a bag of penne the last time we were at the grocery store. Hurray.

I decided to make the easiest thing – and the only pasta thing – I know how to make: tuna pasta!

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