So, I got married early this year.

Five days into the new year, I married Carpet Head (a.k.a. the boyfriend or the fiance, now the hubby!) in a beautiful garden wedding, surrounded by nature and our family and friends. Woot.

Everything turned out more beautiful than I expected! I really have no words.

Of course, we had great help from our suppliers:

Baby steps towards bride mode

Last week it has begun. I have started to get time-sucked into wedding websites and wedding pinboards. I’ve been looking at dresses randomly in the last few weeks, but this time I’ve actually created my own wedding-themed pinboard and I’ve been browsing through the galleries of this really cute wedding website. Yeahboy bride mode on.

Awesome, right? Well, I’m just looking around for dress ideas and other cute wedding concepts. I haven’t checked out anything exercise-related, so I’m not going to go buy yoga mats or exercise stuff any time soon. I will go back to Insanity though. Gotta finish that sh*t and be toned for the big day. LOL.

Any great wedding websites I should check out?