The Pseudo Freelancer

Three posts ago I said I would write about my pseudo freelance work. So here it is.

Two months into my pseudo sabbatical, I was getting bored so I decided to apply for writing jobs on oDesk, an online staffing marketplace that connects employers to remote workers. I already signed up for an account last year, but never had the time to explore it. Anyway, this time I was able to attend to my applications and I was able to get a few jobs. Keeping them is another story.

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Cleaning house, er, cube

It’s my last week and I’ve been trying to clean up my work area. Trying is the operative word. Seven years and 11 months (eep!) of being a corporate lackey means a four-drawer filing cabinet crammed full of files and reports, a whole desk of loose papers and what not, three drawers full of admin files and personal stuff, and almost 40gb of electronic work files. Whoa.

I started with the easiest thing to back up – the electronic files. I have about 40gb to back up because I’ve also been keeping the backups of 4 former colleagues. The easiest thing to do was to just create DVD backups. I managed to organize everything into 8 discs, which I need to label in a bit after I finish this post. Hello, procrastination.

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And so we count down to Plan B

Folks, I quit my job. There I said it.  Consider this the official announcement. Hah. I filed my notice early last week. Anyway, so there. By the end of August, I will be jobless. Hah. I have been thinking of upping and going for the last year or so but just couldn’t do it because I didn’t have another job waiting in the wings. This time, I’ve decided leaving is still the best move for me even without the shiny new job. Why stay when you’re clearly ready to move on, right? It was just a decision I had to make. [cue motivational music]

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What Job Industry Best Suits You?

In 13 days I will be celebrating my 7th year with the firm. SEVEN. YEARS. HOLY. MOLY. I never thought I would last seven years. Truth be told, I’m still wondering if I’m in the right industry or whether I can keep doing what I’m doing for seven years more (eep!).

Well! This is what this little quiz from FemaleNetwork.Com has to say about that:

You should be in Management!
This includes departments such as human resources, accounting, and administration—those who work behind the scenes to make sure the company runs smoothly and efficiently. The Ps of patience and perseverance are needed since this kind of work tends to be largely clerical or routinary and involves a significant amount of attention to detail. Lastly, especially with HR, it requires a good understanding of people and people management. It is quite stable, regularly in demand, and offers a good amount of career growth
Eeen-ter-esting. Honestly, I just want to be a mananahi. But first I have to get my buh-hind in sewing school. What are the good sewing schools in Manila?

Everyday is a winding road

Big ass project ends this month. I am dying to wrap this up already. Work’s starting to burn me out and making me seriously unproductive. I feel like a zombie every day at work. Get far far away I must when we close. I need to clear my head, relax my bones, chill with Carpet Head…

Oh, I have a new book to read. Carpet Head lent me book one of the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. I love fantasy books so I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this one. The only thing I hate about reading a series is that it’s addictive and I will most probably pine away for the other books after I devour one. Fortunately for me I already know where to source the next three. Hah. I lurve.

Speaking of books, I stopped trying to read Watchmen. Couldn’t quite get past the first chapter without dozing off. Last week, I tried re-reading Angels and Demons, but I couldn’t spare the time. Now I’m wondering how the hell I’m going to get through Terry Goodkind. Gah.

Hmm I haven’t been writing in here for a while. I realized I feel just a tad bit self conscious now about the stuff I ramble about in here. Hmm..

The Prayer by Charlotte Church and Josh Groban is the only track on my playlist right now and I’ve been listening to it all day since yesterday. Maybe I’m feeling the need for some heavenly guidance.

It’s stress, I think.