Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway – Wisteria Series by Bisi Leyton

I’ve seen Wisteria around in the book blogging world so many times that it got me curious. When I found out about this blog tour, I simply had to join in and see what the fuss is about. Check out my thoughts on this series and read on to know more about the tour giveaway!

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World War Z

I’ve yet to buy the Last Watch (last book of the Night Watch series!) so I borrowed this one, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, from my sister in the meantime. The book is a collection of interviews from survivors of the zombie war. It talks about the nature of people as individuals and as part of a collective. It touches on political and social issues, too. Very interesting and somewhat scary stuff.

What would you do if the world was overrun by the living dead? Would you have survived the war? If you want to know your odds, you can head on over to the book’s official site and find out. Apparently my chances of survival had I lived during the zombie war is 28%. Waah.